We love Sam Austin and Fenty…Fenty, Fenty

How is it that someone can make the most annoying of winters feel like summer with just one song, in two weeks. A young twenty-something named Sam Austin made that possible with his Fenty release earlier this month. The soft-spoken lyricist did a 180 from his ANGST EP. Though ANGST is just as good, this ode to our favorite star Rihanna is a bit more joyous and upbeat. What I love the most about this creative is his lack of care with gender norms and flipped a million dollar make-up line into a jam. I mean, there’s a video (below) compiled of people, young and old, having the time of their lives, “…bringin’ out the pink fur, Cam’ron, Bently…“.

At this point, the artists producing out of Assemble Sound Studios are totally making their mark here in Detroit for the world to hear. I haven’t heard an “L” leak out of there and I know, on everyone’s behalf, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Looking forward to more from Austin. Theeeeeenks.

Fenty is damn-near on every streaming platform known to man so there’s no reason why you can jam to it! Download from the options given here

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