RYD|DARK RED, a short film from Steve Lacy

*enters new-found fandom here*

Okay so, Steve Lacy graduated high school last year fam with a Grammy nomination for co-executive producing The Internets Ego Death and was found working with a few of our faves such as Big Sean, Jhene Aiko, Kali Uchis and I’m sure much more. However, I feel like I didn’t allow my ears to take advantage of his talents until late last year. Spotify introduced me to a single of his entitled Some that shortly after had me on a frenzy lurking through soundcloud, youtube and his twitter for more. The guitarist had me shook and here I am.

Let me remind you all that he’s 18 and his first solo project Demo has a bit of everyone awaiting for what’s to come. His potential is unmatched and for being the youngest out of The Internet I think we’re all thoroughly impressed by how great it is. Simpley put right? Above is what I would like to consider a short film that’s compiled of 2 tracks from Demo, RYD & Dark Red. I don’t want to say much but just know he ends up in someone’s trunk. haha.

With the Internet still on their “deconstructed” tour (until the next week and some change), where each member is showcasing a morsel of their individual projects, I’m excited to hear some newness from them as a unit. Clearly they’re not bullshitting around this year. Listen to Steve Lacy’s Demo below!

Gucci Mane interviews with ESPN’s Highly Questionable crew

With last year literally highlighting Gucci Mane and his remarkable transformation I guess you can say within the past 10+ years of his career this is a proud moment for everyone who’ve be a fan since 2015.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m not a murderer, I was upset, I was scared a little bit but I had to do what I had todo. You gotta be a man about it

Gucci Mane, May 2005

After being released from one of his longest and public sentences, a sober Guwop did a complete 180 that was celebrated shortly after getting out last may. Not only did he bless us with 2 albums, we’re soon going to see him on the big screen, and he’s also known as a “relationship goal” because of his engagement to long-time lady/business woman Keyshia Ka’oir! Life is good and when he was invited to do an interview for ESPN’s Highly Questionable Gucci shared the settle details of his early career, drugs/mental illness and how prison helped him make the conscious decision to be happier and healthier.


A-Minus | Sunday Smoke ft. The Cadillac Papers

Everything is looking up for Detroit’s A-Minus as he recently released the video for his single Sunday Smoke which should be available soon on his upcoming Therapeutic EP (with producer Chanes). This visual channels nothing more than a chill sunday with some friends; In this case Detroit’s own Nolan the Ninja and Richy Marciano. Perf time to unwind and play some Mario Kart after a long weekend.



Michael Jordan Wears 45 | A Short Read


By any arguable measure, Michael Jeffrey Jordan is one of (if not) the greatest basketball player who ever lived. With multiple scoring titles, 6 championships and an impeccable work-ethic, it’s the reason guys like Lebron James and Laker Legend Kobe Bryant have patterned some of their gameplay after MJ. But if I had to meet MJ, instead of asking him about a free pair of Jordan’s or an autographed jersey, I would simply ask him, “How did you maintain that competitive nature throughout your career?”

In life, there will always be an obstacle or challenge that will test your strength and willpower.  When these things occur, what do you do? When Jordan returned to the NBA, he decided he wanted a new start which made him switch his Jersey number to 45 which was his high school jersey number. During the Eastern Conference Semi-finals, Nick Anderson of The Orlando Magic said this during a post-game conference in which he stole the ball from MJ.

“Number 45 is not number 23. I couldn’t have done that to number 23.”

That statement alone prompted Jordan to change his number back to 23 and the rest is well… history. You can’t let anything in this life stop you from reaching your greatest self. You always have a choice as to whether you will fight or stand still. So put the boxing gloves on and get to work.