The 13th: A Whlgn Cabaret

2017 for many reasons started off pretty damn smoothly for myself and many others. For The Whlgns, however, decided to bring in the year with a sort-of traditional Detroit Cabaret. I mean of course if you have a collective such as, there’s going to be a bunch of creativity in the mix. Tony Whlgn was doing a live mural, BreAnn Whlgn took photos while Allante Whlgn sold WHLGN shirts (That Sean Whlgn screen printed) and one-of-one WHLGN pins. For quite some time The Whlgns deemed themselves early on into being the epitome of a unit that moves together fluidly. Which reminds of The Powers Rangers just with some Eastside flair, some style and a pair of buffs. You can find them on the move with a new project from Cali to Miami and in between!

Below are a few words from the perspective of Tony Whlgn about their first cabaret.

In our attempt to uplift the community in a pursuit of leisure & pleasure, we invited the Metro Detroit community to come and experience our first event & Cabaret, Whlgn style. Cabarets in Detroit, for those unfamiliar with the term, is just another name for a party at a rental hall, or in our case a former Firehouse. Instead of the usual night clubs and bars, as kids we called them “Grown Folks” parties, we decided to introduce a new venue. Our event reintroduced the idea of self-severed alcohol and welcoming B.Y.O.B. (Bring your own Bottle). The occasional food catering included chicken wings, mac n cheese, pasta, & desserts on the menu. Along with music and live entertainment, we decided to include a live Painting of a mural to put our OWN creative spin to it. It’s understandable that some people are not the club going type, however, events such as Cabarets are staples in our hood and a powerful local tradition. Kudos to the generation that uplifted the community before us and praise to the continuing new experiences, A Whlgn Cabaret For Our Generation. Some Strictly Ghetto shit, but Good vibes and a Good time.


Fresh off the Corner: CSG celebrates its 1 year!


A couple of weekends ago the good fellas at Corner Store Goods invited the AO team out to the illustrious Burn Rubber shoe store for their 1 year anniversary/Pop Up shop event. Hosted after-hours, the brand showed love to its folks, introducing some new pieces from their collection, ranging from tees to hoodies, just in time for the fall. The spirits were flowing, the mood was lovely, and the fellas behind the brand kept everybody in the loop.

I briefly spoke with the crew about the brand, with its origins coming from the owners all meeting up at MSU; two of them being brothers and growing from there as a collective after sharing a common idea. Through the love of the people, the line has already came far with their pieces going fast and of course them being housed in one of the most popular sneaker stores in Michigan, Burn Rubber. A tall feat indeed for only a year, the brand seems to not be losing any steam with theirs designs harping in between boldness in design patterns while maintaining a subtle look that’s perfect for every day wear. Continue Reading

jjaahz | More Money Ain’t Enough prod. by AHYVE


Luckily jjaahz released some fire just when I was missing her tone of voice and transitions. Something we can all feel. Shit, more money ain’t enough, but this is more than just a single, this is a way for her to speak what she wants into existence. “I was thinking of a way to channel my energy towards financial abundance”, jjaahz explains.  She also expressed that simple words and prayers are a key to creating an abundance in whatever you seek. I firmly believe this which draws me to this track even more. It’s a tease compared to the soon-to-come EP compiled of unreleased music from 3 years ago until now.

As for the artwork (above) you can follow her on instagram for more beautiful pieces and if you’re in Philly be on the lookout for an upcoming art show sometime in March.

Leftover Instagram Potentials from the Summer

Let me tell you about my morning. FREEZING. THE END.

Summer, for most who resides in the midwest and east coast, is over. Done. Finito. Fall visited us about 10 days early and here I am wearing thick dark denim and layering whatever that works. Which is no biggie since it’s my favorite time of the year.


I was going through my phone’s media and found myself reflecting on what an awesome summer I’ve had here in NY. The people, the food, the countless opportunities; I am thankful for this trip. I also noticed that there are plenty of photos that I either going to use but forgot and some that seemed pointless to upload. At this time, I would like to share a few of my “sorta” faves out of the million, bajillion forgotten instagram photos from my beloved 5S.

My insta is @AOmuff500

ps. I am not in anyway a professional photographer. I take pictures of shit that I like so yeah 🙂


Tuesday afternoon I was able to attend the first annual STEEZ DAY festival which was put into action for a well loved being and a big reason for why Pro Era is Pro Era. Capital STEEZ, who would’ve been 22, passed away 3 years ago but influenced everything around him in the most positive way possible. So to celebrate his birthday Pro Era put together STEEZ DAY which was a sold out event to 5,000 people! And what was even cooler is that all proceeds went to his family who all collectively wore tyedyed Steez shirts (so cute).

My day started off kind of hectic. Myself, my boyfriend (Tony Whlgn) and my friend Bre’ann (the photographer responsible for the photos below) had to gather our equipment, rush to Canal Street and grab even more stuff. We all had a duty, my guy was painting a mural of Capital Steez, Bre’ann was taking photos/networking and I was documenting Continue Reading