Three Things Learned From Swizz Beatz Interview with Drink Champs

Today’s version of Hip-Hop is vastly different from the golden age of yesteryear. Artists of young and seasoned age are discovering that there are other ways to make money and create content then they may be accustomed to. Drink Champs Podcast happens to come from this ideology.

If you’ve watched a Drink Champs episode, then you may be familiar with the overzealous “Make some noiiiiiiise,” intro that Hip-Hop legends Noreaga and DJ EFN belt out at least 2,000 times every second. This energy that they exude comes from Noregea’s philosophy of giving the legends in Hip-Hop their flowers while they can still smell them. Drink Champs has interviewed practically every legend in your top 5, 10, or 20 lists (Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Ice-T, etc) and they continuously bring on intriguing guests for hip-hop’s fans viewing pleasure.

Production maestro Swizz Beatz recently guest starred on the wildly popular and gave arguably one of the best interviews of his career. You may need to take a few bathroom breaks in between (the interview is over 3 hours long) but per usual, Swizz provided golden nuggets about his personal life, art, and the music business. These are the three things I gathered from his interview with the Drink Champs Podcast.

Swizz Beatz Hates To See DMX Suffer:

“I go home to a very comfortable lifestyle that I worked hard for, slept on studio floors for, everything. And to see my brother that I started with not be where he should be, it f— with me every night.”

Swizz Beatz is the representation of a real friend. Since DMX started out with the Ruff Ryders in the 90’s, he’s seen his big hits come to fruition on the strength of his bars, and Mr. Showtime’s grand production skills. X has had drug issues and run-in’s with law enforcement, but none of this has deterred his relationship with DMX which is highly commendable in today’s fickle world of friendships.

X Has Always Been A Giving Soul:

“X gave his money away, he didn’t blow his money.”

Another running narrative in Dark Man X’s career is the notion that he blew his money on drugs and women. Swizz put this to rest in speaking on how DMX would give his money out to the homeless, give the shoes off of his feet to people, and also help individuals who needed bills paid.

Swizz Beatz (Technically) Retired From Music In 2009:

“I retired from music once I made “On To The Next One,” for Jay-Z.

One of Jay-z’s biggest singles off of 2009’s “The Blueprint 3” was created by way of Swizz bowing out from the music game to pursue other endeavors. He foreshadowed what other artists are now doing in the year 2017.

Check out Swizz Beatz Drink Champs episode right here.


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