The only Lazy Love we want, is from Bobbi Storm

The Storm has arrived. Something that I’ve been looking forward to for some time now. For how long you ask? Hmm. I mean, have you seen her IG? Like, become one with it? Bobbi has no shame in displaying her gifts…for ANYBODY, ANYWHERE. Better yet, the first time I watched her perform I was in NY, circa summer ’16, at a charming bar not too far from the Bedford subway station. Everyone gravitated to her presence but became captivated by her voice, including me.

Later on, has I found out that she’s native to Detroit. Which makes sense as to why her hustling abilities are unmatched. Lazy Love is Bobbi’s first debut single/video, demanding what she wants and what she’ll refuse in a romantic relationship. I know for a fact that many of have experienced half-assed effort with someone you care deeply about. Which she’s able to depict in a way where it’s hard to swallow and yet gentle.

Bobbie Storm is making her way to the top. From being on the Jimmy Fallon with some heavy hitters backstage like Royce Da 5’9, 2 Chainz and DJ Premier to getting praised by a great like famous singer/songwriter Kandi. She even has a cliq of fans that she calls the Stormchasers, that I’ll gladly add myself to.

Enjoy, Lazy Love

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