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I was introduced to The Love of People my good friend Ashley (@nochaserash). Who’s also the founder of a Detroit based eyewear company, Alley & Eye. As you can see, from the title, this is my first time reviewing hair care stuff. Excited much? You fucking bet! It’s organic line. You know, all the stuff that makes you smile with hope. However, I was nervous because I don’t care to go outside of my normal hair care routine. I’ve tried different products before and they’ve left me with a sore scalp, dryness because of too much alcohol, you name it…so I have my reasons to be strict.

The Love of People came about in 2009 thanks to owner and creator Paula Bland. Paula was able to successfully mesh her chemistry skills and concern to create a product that’ll benefit curls of all types. Her team concocted these products out of familiar resources to ease our suspense that I feel we all whisper to ourselves while shopping…”…is this leave-in as organic as it says?“, “…does this cater to my hair?“, “Are long-term effects something to worry about?” are QTNA however when you read the labeling it’s clear that you’re using items you can typically shop for. Items like apricot, flaxseed, agave, quinoa protein, rosemary, and lavender oil, and so much more.

Feel better about it huh? Of course. I don’t know about you but I’m borderline avid and obsessive when it comes to my hair and skin so when I was approached with doing a review for this line I was happy to crack open the seals and get to work!

After a month of using The Love of People. Here it goes.

Flaxseed Gel

Hey man, I absolutely love this product. It’s rare to find a gel that doesn’t crust up on the fine pieces of hair within your swoop after it dries. Now don’t act like you’ve never encountered this if you tried to get that high pony together. For those who can’t relate, google ‘flakes from hair gel’ and you’ll see what I’m talking about. I was extremely pleased with the fact that my edges stayed in place. It’s also very light and didn’t leave any weird residue on my fingers after applying. A definite fave out of the four.

Hydrating Spray

Tuh, so I and my partner used this hydrating spray. At this time my hair was short and he is loc’d to his shoulders. But let me tell you, it wasn’t enough. And unfortunately,  it was lost into whatever secret dimension that lies in his apartment. I appreciate the fact that it feels more like water than anything. Probably the last thing you’d want to read but it does wonders. Lovely scent as well, sort of like almonds.

The spray bottle is nice too.  I like how it’s a fulfilling mist. Nice lil engineering you got there.

Yeah, it’s more like a mist…not a spray.


Shampoo (Lo Poo)

I don’t have much to say about the Lo Poo. Once again I used all of TLOP’s products while my hair was short. I’ve used it at least twice to give a solid review for it and I didn’t care for it. Trust me, I wanted to adore it because of everything else. My scalp didn’t feel any difference aside from it being wet. I was rooting for you, Lo Poo.


Daily Moisturizer

How many times have you used a leave-in and your hair feels pasty after a few hours. Or feel when dirt is attached to it after getting up from a day-nap. Luckily, The Love of People knew exactly what they were doing and made a universal leave-in conditioner. It doesn’t matter your hair type. The moisturizing creme is easy to rub in and coats evenly if you’re using the right amount. I use about a quarter of product.

A month later and I’m still using the last bit of it as my new default conditioner. Very pleased, indeed

Overall, 3 out of 4, literally. I appreciate it. My plan is to delve into other Love of People items that I’ve seen on their website since I’ve enjoyed the products so much! Oh, and they’re so super cute as well.

Thank you all for giving me a chance to review your products! You have a new fan! <3

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