From Viral to Musical: 5 Silly Social Media Stars Making Sweet Music

Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Social networks have introduced us to some hilarious people and they have made a lot of people household names. We laugh at the things they post, but have you checked out how multi-talented some of these viral stars are? Here are 5 viral stars that make pretty good music.

  1. Tokyo Vanity

“That’s my best friend! Go best friend! You betta!”

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The Life Of Miss Phashunta

Phashunta Hubert (MissPhashunta) is a correspondent, writer, and owner of which is an online portal for everything aligned to what’s taking place in the music and entertainment world today. I recently caught up with her to talk about some of her beginnings plus more.

How did you get started?

I started out by interviewing almost every radio personality near me along with upcoming artist and people who I felt was making a difference. I would post my content on YouTube and on my website that I built myself while I continued to read day and night on how to market/brand myself.

What are some keys to starting a blog?

I would have to say finding your niche and figuring out what topics interest you because it plays a significant role when it comes to blogging. But most importantly just simply write like yourself because it will make you stand out.

What are some of your favorite interviews?

I have so many favorites, the list would be super long. But I would definitely say my top three would have to be interviewing Erica Campbell, Rev. Al Sharpton and MLK III.

What have you learned the most?

Throughout my journey so far I have learned that you have to stay consistent and learn how to persevere when it comes to this entire entertainment industry.


I’m glad there’s a series or entertainment where the first episode teaches me how to, pardon me, do a split on’da dick. Shoutout to the cleaning lady, Kirk Knight, DZA, Cousin Todd (lol), Tony Whlgn and many others who’ve made this episode enjoyable. Definitely looking forward to the monthly videos.

Imani @AOmuff500