Divas of Detroit

Detroit’s music history includes many great divas like Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, and Anita Baker.The city pumps music through its veins and has so many beautiful artists to offer. There are some amazing up and coming divas from the D and these are just a few.

Kash Doll

She has inexplicably labeled herself as “That Bitch”. With confidence, beauty, hot lyrics, and a big old booty she is taking the rap world by storm. She sells out shows every time she is in her hometown, and watch what you say about her because her fans will definitely violate you for talking mess.

Jaye Prime

A mellow smooth multi-talented artist, Jaye Prime delivers jams to ride out to, smoke to, play at your kickback, or unwind during your alone time. She performs with an amazing band behind her and gives an extraordinary show every time.


A bubbly beauty with boisterous vocals, this diva can dance, sing, and make you laugh with her entertaining Instagram videos. She’s been featured on BET Jams and is only scratching the surface. She’s an artist you want to get to know.

Britney Stoney

Music that automatically makes you happy is underrated. Every song you hear from this lovely lady will put a smile on your face. She writes her own music, plays the guitar, and exudes a playful confidence we seldom see.

The MonaLyse

If you want to hear straight bars, this girl is worth a listen. A phenomenal emcee and poet, she brings fire to every beat she touches. With her unique cadence and original ideas, she sets herself apart from your average female rapper.


A strong voice to match her strong personality, this girl gives her all in every single song she sings. She knows how to pack a house, sing with all her might, and do it all in heels. She hosts an annual show called “Americana” (May 28th 4 pm El Club) and every year it gets better and better.

Molly Brazy

The barely legal rapper with a “don’t fuck with me” attitude. She’s tatted, she totes guns, and she hangs among some of Detroit’s toughest rappers. This gal does not take any mess and her music will give you the gusto to go jab for jab with anyone talking shit.

Detroit Che

She has been all over BET, and every time she drops a project it rains. There are few emcees who can out rap this tenacious shorty. She is humble, positive, and downright great. Che has tons of fans that show up and show out every time her name is on the bill.


A dynamic diva with her own flashy style. This blonde bombshell talks all of her shit and doesn’t care how you feel about it. She serves sex appeal, sass, and will twerk at your party and turn it out. In a league of her own, Milfie constantly serves us and leaves us wanting more.

Long Live the Video Vixen Era

We recognize the women of hip hop as rap artists but never as the women in the videos.

Remember the time when our most admired Rap and R&B artist were accompanied by women who exude sexiness: The Video Vixen, “Rump Shaker“, eye candy, and what many of us consider them now, the Bad Bitch. Growing up my faves we’re surrounded by expensive bubbly and beautiful women, specifically those of color. However, the same women often experienced backlash because of their natural curves and/or lack of clothing. I don’t think they get the recognition they deserve, for they were one of the most important factors of a quality music video from the early 90’s thru the 2000s.

I was taught not to aspire to be these women, that what they were doing was negative and counter-productive to women excelling. I wouldn’t ever be taken seriously or respected because I lacked self-respect for even considering the platform. How could I love myself if I threw on a bikini and danced to some lyrics that didn’t pertain to me in anyway? “These women aren’t models, they’re video hoes. Degrading themselves for male consumption and consumerism.”


Why is that when there are “models” who are a size 0-3 wearing the same bikini or less because, fashion, who are praised and covered by a blanket of applause while the designer takes their last bow; or the women in Sports Illustrated magazines, underwear catalogs, and advertising, etcetera? Literally, the only difference is setting, weight, and I hate to say it, skin tone! At the time I didn’t understand it. I was conflicted, but because this train of thought was spouted from the lips of loved ones it just had to be factual. They swore it wasn’t them being judgemental, but more so teachings of how to properly love yourself. Therefore, I grew up fearing that I would attract the wrong attention for wearing anything slightly revealing, and refrained from dancing because of what the boys might think. I struggled with this during my late teenage years. Now, as an adult, I scrapped this way of thinking and understand the bigger picture. For me to be free and do whatever I want with my body isn’t degrading. It’s liberating!

Every now and then I would watch throwback-ish rap videos and pay attention to the women that my guy friends would drool over. Women like Melyssa Ford, Buffie the Body, Esther Baxter, Gloria Velez and the infamous Karrine “Superhead” Steffans, just to name a few. They didn’t choose to get exploited because they didn’t love themselves. If anything they’re the epitome of what self-confidence looks like and like any business venture you gotta start somewhere. Now, entrepreneurship is something that many didn’t want to accept: sexy, demanding and dominating. Sex sales! So, why not capitalize on it? Let’s be real. Did we direct our attention to Jay-Z and his rap hands in his Big Pimpin video? Can we grant the dismissed women of Hip Hop that they play a huge role in the culture?

At one point in my life, I was wrestling with video models. Not literally, but when Def Jam Vendetta stormed through video consoles around the world in 2003 I was able to play with women characters that looked like me. During story mode your character gets caught up in some girlfriend beef so you had the opportunity to play with women like Deja and Penny that were inspired by video vixens. And guess what? Most of them had regular ass occupations as well. Opal is a beautician and T’ai is a mechanic. It’s easy and also a poor practice to assume you know who someone is simply because of their outer appearance. I’m almost sure the manufacturers of the game couldn’t care-less but that’s ny personal take away of it. I say that to say this; These women are universal and should be celebrated, not shunned and belittled.

conclusion: Without video vixens hip hop would be booooooooooooooring




The Science Guy speaks up on anti-abortion legislation

It’s great to watch how someone from my childhood, who delivered nothing but facts from television, is so straight forward and factual when speaking up on human rights. It’s inspiring because I practically grew up with this scientist.


In this Big Think video, Bill Nye discusses why anti-abortion legislation is bullshit. Its kind of scary to know, as a young woman, that people would want to prevent me of making my own decisions. Regardless of the circumstances. It seems to me that many pro-life advocates doesn’t care to empathize with women who’ve been raped and impregnated. Peep this, in 2012 346,830 women were raped. Out of those rape victims about 17,342 of those women were pregnant. Some were molested by family members, some are sickly and then there are women from all ages who are simply not ready to raise a child. Let the woman decided what she wants to do with her body. There’s so much stress and unwanted pressure that comes with pregnancies. Why scold and diminish her from doing what’s best? If she wants to keep this child cool, if she doesn’t…cool! It’s her decision! While there’s plenty that disagree with Bill, I’m glad him and many others in the spotlight are using their voices to speak up for some who are afraid to.