Jaye Prime’s #FACING: An Experience

Let's build on a series of events here...

The month of April has been SO good to Jaye Prime or, the other way around. On our beloved holiday, #420 (what did you think I was going to say?), Prime gifted us with something fitting for the festivities...and EP entitled FACING. The intro itself involves a short cover of Pimp C's most memorable phrase, "Smokin I, Pourin' up" just to hint to you how fire FACING is. I mean yeah, it's primarily an EP that features our favorite Mary into the mix of things but also hearing the vulnerability on tracks such as Luna and Recovery kept me captivated. Might I add, this is her first project that she's worked on with some help of a few trees. Meaning all of her music prior to was done while sober. Is there a difference? Yes, nonetheless it's all good music.

Along with the EP, Jaye Prime decided to show off her vocals that weekend as well as showcase the many talents of the supportive band, PPT. Who consist of a drummer (Eric Childress), a guitarist/bass player (Adam Depollo), a synth bass player (Ashton Woods) and a pianist (Ray Stanley). They're all so in tuned with one another it was beautiful and that's probably my first time indulging in some Lemon-Aid while in a church. So much energy was put into every performance. Prime even covered a few of my personal favorites such as Crush On You, Square Biz along with a few others.

If you're still reading this roll yourself a joint and throw on FACING. Feel the experience. 

Also, huge thanks to Bree (@madtuesday on Twitter) for providing photos!!Check out her portfolio

In need of a prescription! Jaye Prime’s “Lemon-Aid”

What lemonade you THOUGHT Jaye Prime was talking about?

What seems to be an ode to a classic strain is quickly becoming one of my favorite tracks from the songstress, to date. There’s a sultriness that’s present with a nice kick from production group (and fellow guitarist) Stacks//Culture & Paradise with mastering from Ashton Woods. Whom both has a nice resume of music with Jaye so the chemistry is rather natural. This track perfectly delicate and flowy just in time for the spring.

Roll up something and listen to Lemon-Aid, you won’t regret it.

“I think it’s funny how…” Why weed sales are plummeting

Weed, pot, marijuana, whatever you’d prefer to call it is becoming extremely cheap at an alarming rate. You would think that in this day in time, where states are legalizing marijuana left and right, that governments would take advantage and tax the hell out of an average dub or whatever. But nah…

The increased supply in your local dispensaries have caused prices to drop. A couple of years ago Washington conducted a policy experiment. With the information they’ve gathered, prices has drop each month by 2 percent. Now for those who are producing a product that’s in high demand means that they’re kind of fucked. Why is that if they’re working along these dispensaries? I mean, as bold as it is, they would have to compensate to avoid being arrested and caught in other legal mumbo jumbo. It’s sort of a win/lose situation.


With 24 states and DC siding with the green, with its boundaries of course, what would happen if marijuana was legal EVERYWHERE. Can you imagine how companies would MILK the idea of consuming of weed. omg. I’m almost sick just thinking about how Arby’s would incorporate the munchies in an ad for their repulsive sandwiches. I mean, besides that, bigger corporations, their shareholders and the government would flourish. Money isn’t a thing so compensating wouldn’t be an issue because of it being a billion dollar industry. Therefore, at that point it’ll be dirt cheap. On the flip side of things the State itself would save about $12 billion.

Replacing marijuana prohibition with a system of taxation and regulation similar to that used for alcoholic beverages would produce combined savings and tax revenues of between $10 billion and $14 billion per year

prohibition cost

So what does that mean for the consumers? Well, cheap(er) weed. Currently you can walk into dispensaries meaning to grab an eighth and walk our with a damn bundle of goods. With a 24% decrease, per year (let’s just say) just imagine what you could benefit from it. The fact remains that as long as the plant grows there will always be product. It’s worth debating about until the day come.

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Recently I’ve found myself ear hooked on the very cool and calm Myles Hi and his Vices album. If you’re into weed, women and everything in between (pun, no pun?) then Vices will do you justice. When I first grabbed a listen it reminded me of The Cool Kids minus the bold, sort of simple, beats and verses from Sir Mickey Rocks. A Chuck English kind of feel (y’all knew where I was going with this). The beats ARE rather complex but it compliments well with Myles smooth flow. And if you’re not familiar he’s also a well known photographer. This is an example of transitioning music into yourself lifestyle without milking it and becoming a cornball with hopes to merely “make it”. Good shit.

While he produced most of his music you’ll hear sounds from T-Deezy, Loud Lord and Don Joh.



Where do I start…

Earlier this month I was able to work alongside a cool granola company named Goody’s Granola. But before making it to the flea market I was blessed with SMORGASBURG. There were vendors everywhere serving deliciousness to locals with empty bellies and pockets full of money. There was like pho dumplings, ramen burgers, big ass coconuts and so much more being served! I didn’t indulge in too much since I was going out to eat at Sweet Chick later on that day so I settled for a REAL Jamaican patty and some cocoa bread. Super emphasis on “real” off the strength that every Jamaican patty that I’ve purchased have been trash wrapped in aluminum foil.
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I always have such a hard time figuring out what I’m going to munch on after I smoke a bit of oowee (old head term for WEED). Many times I wonder aimlessly throughout a convenient store confused as to what my taste buds would fancy or I would know EXACTLY what I want, grab it, and then buy a shit ton of whatever else. Burning my already starving pockets. That shit happens EVERY TIME. The extra snacks, 9 times out of 10, are foods that I wouldn’t dare to eat sober. Crazy what weed would do. But there are a few snacks that I keep dear to my heart which makes, making a decision, SO much easier.


Allow me to share…


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Slowly but surely medical Majiuana is becoming legal in a few states, most recently in Georgia. Now, let’s focus our attention on D.C. and their dilemma. November of 2014 floats around and both the voters and the council says that it’s perfectly fine for citizens to keep about two oz. on them AND they can nurture up to 6 cannibus plants within their home. Regardless of that, by federal law, it’s still totally illegal to buy and/or sell it. I mean, lets be real –the government can’t tax from it, just yet. Unless is medical. And of course congress don’t want to legalize it because they feel the effects are far too close to what you may feel when doing other illegal drugs.

So the District of Columbia have been GIVING away seeds to people who are interested in growing. There’s little cute bags being passed out and its OKAY! At one point, within 9 years there’s been 8 million majiuana related arrest and tax payers around the nation came out of pocket 32.4 billion dollars. Over 70 years ago the Majiuana tax act was put in place basically criminalizing the drug. Look at us now. Progression.


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