Take a Bae-cation this winter

It’s that time of year again! Temps are getting chillier and nothing seems more appealing (to me at least) than a little Bae-cation. If you’re not familiar with a ~bae-cation~ it’s basically when you and #Bae snuggle up for the weekend and enjoy each other’s company. It’s best when it’s accompanied by a good movie, yummy food and wine. Now while this seems like to be my regular Friday night (#bae & me are lazy as hell), even I can admit that it gets a little boring from time to time. Then I thought, what can I do to make it more interesting? And before you think it’s something weird and sexual, it’s not. My momma reads this blog (Hey ma!). I’m talking about dressing up! The same ratty old sweats get really boooorring after wearing them for the fifth weekend in a row. Here are my top seven picks for my favorite #Bae-cation looks:


  1. Gia Lace Teddy$58 from NastyGal.com

Oh Gia, you pretty little thing. I love this shear romper for those night where you want to feel sexy but also comfy. I think #SexRompers are gonna have a major moment in the lingerie world and I am here for it.


2.) UO X RVCA Cozy Night Hoodie ($54) & UO X RVCA Soft Serve Short ($40) from Urban Outfitter

I really love 1. the fuzzy texture and 2. this lovely lavender color which you never seen in the pj department. And you can wear the hoodie out, it’s kinda like a 2-for-1 deal! Continue Reading