Catch A Few Vibes With London’s Own, “TreeHouse Vibes”


It all started with a search on Soundcloud.

Music and inspiration are two things that are always in arm’s reach. You may have to extend your upper body a little bit to grab it, but nonetheless, it’s always nearby and ready to be utilized.

As always, I’m browsing on Soundcloud and I come across a record label called, TreeHouse Vibes, that’s straight out of London, UK. Anybody that’s familiar with their music scene knows that they’re not only students of their own musical, but they know our music even better than we do sometimes. Nonetheless, I knew I was in for some head-nodding, and high pitch ooh’s and ahh’s once I pressed play. I was right.

On “Velocity,” I wasn’t prepared for the musical smorgasbord that echoed out of my speakers. I had so many nouns, verbs, and adjectives flowing through my head, that it was hard to comprehend. Vibes, (ala the title of their record label) is all I could come up with. To be honest, it sounds like an early Ameriie track flipped around and made into something that again, even I can’t wholeheartedly describe. So instead of talking any further, I’ll let you decide. And if you have time, browse the entirety of their Soundcloud page.

P.S. See if you can name the sample that’s being used in the record.