AO’s OST Presents: Tunes from the Wasteland a Fallout 4 musical guide.


Winter is coming and with it comes the annual tradition of locking ourselves in our homes, snuggin up with your loved ones, and indulging in hours of our preferred vices to keep us busy during those cold days. Fallout 4 has released just in time for this human hibernation and with it comes another reminder of the great, grand music of yesteryear.

As it has done in its previous titles, the Fallout series has successfully implemented tunes from the ’30s to the early ’60s into a game whose visuals and scenery tells a completely different story from usually the songs being played throughout the game. If not for this series I would have missed gems of tunes from artists I woulda’ never heard the likes like the Ink Spots, and Connie Allen, just to name a few. Some of these songs are chosen around the themes of nuclear or the nuclear scare during the cold war but its fitting seeing as you’re in a nuclear devastated world. Cold war favorites liter this game and would make ya OG cry from the love ballads and swing songs from the like of the great Billie Holiday and Roy Brown that are dug up. Imagine yourself playing a game centered around traveling a post apocalyptic world. Killing deranged humans, murderers creatures, and radiated fiends whilst solving kidnappings and homicides, and being an all around bad ass with the tunes of Nat King Cole or Bing Crosby playing in the background. A very satisfying mix of chaos, class, savagery, and elegance.

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The Child of Light: An AO OST review.

A dark room shrouds a hooded figure as he sits in the center of it, leaning back as if the leather chair he rest in was the throne of some grand nation in some grand time. Before him is a light that shines so bright and emits such a radiance of beauty that it pleases not only the visual, but the auditory senses as well. The figure is a lean man just entering true adulthood and is immediately enthralled with whats presented before him. He’s waited for this moment. He’s heard stories of the light but before him it burns with its scorching shine any tale that was ever told of its being. The figure is me, in the middle of my basic ass room high as a Georgia pine tree playing Ubisofts sleeper RPG hit “Child Of Light” and before I even start getting into the game, I am immediately captivated at the music presented from the start of the game to the finish. This is its OST.

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