Re Lxuise | DM Me EP


R&B singer Re Lxuise name has been buzzing around the music scene in Atlanta over the past few years. She’s been able to work with the likes of Bryan Michael Cox and Avery Wilson all while holding her own in the realm of music. She started in front of the church which is where all the great vocalists started. Hearing etho-complements such as “You betta sang,” and “Gone girl,” are not of the unfamiliar cloth with this upcoming superstar. She was born ready for the spotlight.

DM Me is a concept EP. Smooth production, Soulful interludes, and Re Lxuise’s beautiful alto arrangements make this EP impactful, being that it’s five tracks long. Each song carries its own message leaving you wanting more. It’s full of swagger and robust with energy. Don’t sleep.

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Remembering An Icon: Teddy Pendergrass

I am a sucker for soul. Especially such a deep and endearing voice like the one of Teddy Pendergrass. I’m sure a lot of people in this world were conceived to the sweet sounds of his voice and if you put his songs on today it will surely get a lot of people in the mood.

Teddy Pendergrass was born on March 26, 1950 in South Carolina to Jesse and Ida Geraldine Pendergrass. He loved singing and from an early age his family knew he would reach super stardom. The raspy baritone joined R&B group Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes in 1972 and lead their smash hit “I Miss You” showing the world what he was capable of as a vocalist. Pendergrass led most of the group’s hit songs like “When Somebody Loves You Back”, “Wake Up Everybody”, and “Bad Luck”. Continue Reading

Revisiting an Icon: Minnie Riperton

2016 has been full of amazing music from artists like Kanye West, Rihanna, Beyonce, Chance The Rapper, Drake, and more. Yes this year has blessed our ears, but we’re not talking about 2016 right now, we are taking it back to someone your momma and your granny used to sing in the kitchen together. The high-pitched legend Minnie Riperton! Minnie Riperton’s high falsetto has inspired many of your favorites like Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande so let’s get in that Soul Train themed time machine and see what she blessed the world with.

Most famous for her song “Loving You” where we all have tried to hit that note “la la la la la la la la do do do AHHHHHHH”. Born in 1947 in Chicago, IL no one knew she would change the sound of soul music by meeting the deeper gospel-esque voices like Aretha Franklin, with her angelic tone. Her most renowned works Perfect Angel and Adventures in Paradise claimed top spots on the R&B charts and solidified her spot as an icon in music.
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True Artistry: Adele delivers the goods


Ok, so we all know Queen Adele is THAT DEAL, it’s a no brainer. But any doubt I may have had been erased when I copped her latest album’25’ this weekend. Miss Adele did not disappoint this album was everything I dreamed it would be and so much more! This woman is a true artist.We’ve all heard the track ‘Hello’ which had us all crying and wondering what happened to our crush from 6th grade but the album isn’t quite melancholy like I thought it would be. At least, not in the way her previous records are. ‘25’ is more of a reflective album than anything else; Adele herself describes it more of a “makeup album”. I got a very nostalgic feeling from the songs and a sense of maturity that comes with age and time. When you’re 25 you don’t see things the same as you do when you’re 19 or 21 and that comes through very clearly in the album. One song titled ‘Send my Love (to Your New Lover)’ is more upbeat than the other songs and it’s basically just her telling an ex “hey you weren’t a good fit for me but treat this next one better”. At one point in the song she says “We both know we’re not kids no more”, as in let’s be adults about this and not be petty. In contrast the track ‘All I Ask’ deals with the fear and the feeling of your world crumbling around you when you begin to accept you’re losing someone and in the chorus she asks “what if I never fall in love again?’ Ouch. That song is one of my favs, it punched me right in the gut.


I’m sure many of us have felt that way and honestly, besides her amazing voice, I think that’s what makes us love Adele so much. She’s relatable and raw in a way not many musical artists are anymore. Her honest and introspective lyrics draw us in and really make us examine our own feelings. The best thing about this album is it isn’t just focusing on her heartbreak but her breaking someone else’s and the mistakes she herself made along the way. This album reminded me we all have our hands dirty in that respect. I love, love, love this record and I highly recommend ya’ll go to the nearest Target, Meijer, or wherever you buy your cd’s (or vinyl) and GET THIS ALBUM!! Like yesterday. You should also know that she is not releasing it on iTunes or Spotify so spend some money and support and artist. Now, if only Frank Ocean would follow suit and release his next masterpiece.

Ilajide | Latex



As you can see the members of Detroit’s Clear Soul Forces are working on building themselves a name opposed to only being recognized as a group. Which is a beautiful thing!! I mean, why not highlight your greatest asset as an individual? As a music lover I want to see what it is that everyone contributes.  Pfft, y’all better WORK!

21 tracks of instrumentals all bundled up into LATEX, created by Ilajide himself. His explanation for the name is pretty straight forward. Sex is great, the music is raw but nonetheless wrap it up. I’m not surprised with the album, I’m more so impressed. If you haven’t heard any of his previous work, clearly this is his niche. Also, you can hear the Juggernaut tied into the beat project as well along with bits a pieces of Busta Rhyme and Redman ad-libs. Latex is the calm before the storm. While Ilajide is gradually building a platform for himself be prepared for some funk in the near future. Can’t spare the details but yet that’s another reason for you to get familiar with him!

oh, and peep is bandcamp!

Ode of the summer. Lord Badu Drops Mixtape “Feel better, World!”

With some of our darker sides of humanity being shown in high detail recently, Erykah Badu has dropped a mixtape containing songs from various artist that really does the soul some good in a trying era.

Titled Feel better, World, the tape blends sounds and songs from jazz, soul, and funk alongside melodic lyrics that range from self-love to drug abuse  all setting a scene that feels right against the summers mood. Shits a feel good tape man. Plain, beautiful and simple.

With its release came this message from Badu herself,

LOVE, Ms. Badu

Below is the tracklist alongside the Empress’s mixcloud where you can find the tape.

FEEL BETTER, WORLD! … LOVE, MS.BADU by Erykah She Ill Badu on Mixcloud

1. The Blessing Song — Gary Bartz
2. Come in to Knowledge — Ramp
3. Africano — Earth Wind & Fire
4. My People… Hold On — Eddie Kendricks
5. King Heroin — James Brown
6. Lord Help Me — Donny Hathaway
7. Blessed — The Emotions
8. See the Light — Earth Wind & Fire
9. When There is No Sun — Sun Ra
10. Visions (Inner Visions Live) — Stevie Wonder
11. Sack Full of Dreams — Donny Hathaway
12. The Blessing — Michael W. Smith
13. World Keeps Turning — Erykah Badu
14. Third Eye — Roy Ayers
15. Watching Over — The Emotions
16. Brazilian Rhyme — Earth Wind & Fire
17. Love’s in Need of Love — Stevie Wonder
18. Some Day We’ll All Be Free — Donny