Jeff Dean drops T.K.O. featuring La’Britney

With the summer winding down at rapid speed, artists are taking advantage of the swift time-frame and releasing fresh music that we can still blast while we wait for fall's arrival.

Detroit R&B singer Jeff Dean recently dropped his single T.K.O. which features Detroit R&B superstar La'Britney. The two compliment each other well on the record as they both use the sex to boxing analogy which is clever in itself. With boxing and sex, you burn calories, your heart receiving a workout, and it keeps you in shape, none of which are bad things at all.

The track is definitely radio-friendly so be expecting to hear it on the airways as we close out another hot, humid summer.






Neisha Neshea x Imma Go Crazy

Women are usually crying in songs that address break ups and cheating, but Neisha Neshea is not shedding one tear in her latest single "Imma Go Crazy". She is slashing tires, crashing parties, and causing all types of chaos.

We seldom hear the R&B Trap Princess rap, but she spits some amazingly hot bars like "how you gone to make me jealous when we could've fucked this b itch together. The Hellavu beat bangs and encourages to call your man and check him.

Listen to "Imma Go Crazy" below:

Re Lxuise | DM Me EP


R&B singer Re Lxuise name has been buzzing around the music scene in Atlanta over the past few years. She’s been able to work with the likes of Bryan Michael Cox and Avery Wilson all while holding her own in the realm of music. She started in front of the church which is where all the great vocalists started. Hearing etho-complements such as “You betta sang,” and “Gone girl,” are not of the unfamiliar cloth with this upcoming superstar. She was born ready for the spotlight.

DM Me is a concept EP. Smooth production, Soulful interludes, and Re Lxuise’s beautiful alto arrangements make this EP impactful, being that it’s five tracks long. Each song carries its own message leaving you wanting more. It’s full of swagger and robust with energy. Don’t sleep.

Check out DM Me

Thundercat Drops Soulful New Album “Drunk”

One of the most memorizing things about Kendrick Lamar’s 2015 masterpiece, “To Pimp A Butterfly,” is the intricate bass-lines that each song contained. It felt like Dilla, sprinkled with Madlib, and other great musicians. If you ever wanted to give credit where it’s due, thank no other than bassist- vocalist, Thundercat.

Thundercat’s new album, “Drunk” is the perfect mesh of Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Trance Music. Tracks such as “Bus In These Streets,” “Lava Lamp,” and “Show You The Way,” showcase Thundercat’s ability to transcend multiple sounds and vocal extensions. Thundercat spoke to Howl & Echoes about the album’s humor and witty nature.

 “I’ve always been into the details of things, and I felt like it was very important to connect art in the manner that I did. Everything down to the album art, I feel like it was very important for people to see what it was all about.”
Although this was a task in itself, “Friend Zone,” is probably the funkiest song on the album. The fleeting bass-line, polygraph sounds, and context make this an instant repeat track.
Check out Drunk on Spotify.

Sampha Let’s Us Into His World With Debut Album, “Process”

Bygone times within music tells us that while the superstar may be in the limelight, the supporting cast is just as important. The people considered to be in the “background” are masterminds in their craft. This is why the music that we hear from our favorite artists is so transparent and memorable. There would be no early Janet Jackson records without the production of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Nas was already ahead of his time, but the production of DJ Premier and Pete Rock pushed him into God MC status before he could legally purchase Hennessy. An artist is nothing without a solid music collective behind them.

This leads into the journey of British singer-songwriter, “Sampha.” While you may not recognize his name, you definitely recognize his voice. He was the person that you heard on “Too Much,” by Drake back in 2013, and “The Motion.” Also, if you listen closely, you hear him perfectly complement Solange on “Don’t Touch My Hair.”

“Process” is the name of Sampha’s debut album. It features 10 tracks that explain some of the diverse aspects of his journey over the past few years. I’ve dived into a few tracks myself and I am thoroughly impressed. Check it out for yourself.

Listen to “Process” on Spotify.

James Fauntleroy | Warmest Winter II

The next time you purchase an album, (if your still into purchasing albums) look for James Fauntleroy’s name in the album credits. Beyoncé’s Albums? Yep. Brandy’s Albums? Yep. Bruno Mars Albums? Absolutely. This singer-songwriter-harmonic god has written for every single major artist of today. His raw vocals around skeleton pieces of production gives him a wicked jump-shot on the courts of music, and sound.

Even though he’s been involved in other various musical projects, his “Warmest Winter II EP” is a follow-up from 2014’s “Warmest Winter EP” which I played in constant rotation. If you’re a sucker for multi-layered harmonies and runs that make you jump out of your computer chair, I won’t lead you astray. Check out ‘Warmest Winter II’ below on Soundcloud.

Marlon XXIII | Trap Queen Cover

I know what you’re thinking, “A TRAP QUEEN COVER???C’MON SON, SERIOUSLY??”, but, if you aren’t familiar with singer Marlon XXIII then of course you wouldn’t know what to expect. An elegant and sexy video paired up with a rap song? It is actually a lot better than what you think. Especially with the spin that  producer J. Vaughn did for this cover!  Enjoy!