Junglepussy Should Be In Your Playlist

I think it’s pretty obvious I love underground female rappers. The raw, gritty, and powerful lyrics are always bomb, plus the female emcees serve major looks.

I have been a fan of this particular lady for some time now, and it started because of her name, Junglepussy. Browsing on Tumblr I came across a gif of a beautiful woman and the caption said “Junglepussy” so I googled her name and found out she was a rapper.

Junglepussy is a Brooklyn, NY native with a Jamaican father, a Trinidadian mother, and a whole lot of confidence. She has performed all over the country, is peppered all over thousands of posts on Tumblr, and women everywhere urge to embody her fierceness.

Her most recent project “Pregnant With Success” came out last year and features some powerful feminine anthems. The intro “Spicy 103FM” made me an instant fan. She incorporates raw lyrics, her love for being mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy, and her euphoric perspectives to paint amazing masterpieces.  She uses her New York influences, along with her island influences from her parents to create her own style.

A Queen of the Underground, she has performed with artists like Lil Kim and Princess Nokia. She is also an advocate for healthy, organic, lifestyles and has spoken at both Columbia and Yale Universities about her lifestyle choices.

Check out Pregnant With Success and fall in love!


Bring Some Soul Into Your Fall: My Autumn Playlist

Tons of great music has come out this year, and it is time for me to get ready for the winter blues. Music always uplifts my soul so I made this bomb ass playlist that I will share with you to keep that summer pep in your step as the cool weather comes in.

FreaksBev Love
This song makes you want to put on your fishnets, red lipstick, and take over the town. Bev Love’s whole project “Talk That Shit” is worth checking out.

F.U.B.USolange Knowles feat. The Dream and BJ The Chicago Kid
Putting pride into blackness “all my niggas in the whole wide world…this shit is for us” making you want to slow wine and black power fist pump.

RiriYoung Thug
It’s a fun song to sing along to, and with the beautiful cover you can’t help but to give Thug’s latest project “Jeffrey” a listen and see that he might be channeling our favorite ATLiens.

Pints & YouIcewear Vezzo
Okay so I’m super late to this song, but I’m a Detroit girl who loves a man singining about his affection for drugs and the love of his life. Does that make me ratchet? If so, oh well!

SoloFrank Ocean
So if you are anything like me, you would have waited 800 years for a new Frank Ocean project, but luckily we didn’t have to wait that long (I mean we still had to wait, but still). This track “Solo” hits me on my introvert days.

What a Girl LikesCardi B
We all need a ratchet anthem to help us twerk while we put on makeup, or if you don’t twerk, to get others to do so. Cardi B comes through in this bop “What a Girl Likes” and you know it’s that shmoneyyyy.

For RealAmel Larrieux
Every good playlist has a throwback. This is for all the people madly in love, or are ready to do so. This song gives me all of the butterflies and sunshine which we’ll need as the clouds and cool comes through.

Really DoeDanny Brown feat. Kendrick Lamar, Ab Soul & Earl Sweatshirt
If you haven’t guessed already I am a big fan of Detroit music and Danny Brown’s latest project “Atrocity Exhibition” is no exception to that rule. Calling on some of the best in the rap game right now he creates this jam that will stay in heavy rotation.

One Too ManyKaytranda feat. Phonte
This song migrated from my Summer playlist to my fall because it’s just too fun. How could you not relate or dance to a jam that is all too familiar to everyone? Sometimes we just have “one too many” but why not jam about it rather than cry.

Goodnight GothamRihanna
This song started as one of my least favorite from her latest project “Anti”, but after playing the album 4,000 times I wish this song was longer. Light one up, put this on loop, and explore the depths of your brain.

Savage Mode21 Savage
In his infamous and lit interview where he explains the tattoo on his forehead is a knife and not a crucifix, 21 Savage caught my attention. This mumnling rapper has a hit with this one and will have you considering popping a xanax. Don’t do it though, just rock out to the song.

Simply BeautifulAl Green
The fall/winter is what we call cuffing season, so you might as well put an old school song on your playlist that will help you write those WCW and MCM captions, and who better than Al Green? Put this playlist in rotation and watch how well your season goes.