Joey Badass encourages free thought on ‘Good Morning Amerikkka’

(Artwork by Tony Whlgn of The Whlgn)

Sometimes I wish intro's to great albums weren't so short. It's like a vacation that started on Friday but rushes toward Monday leaving you wondering if you even left home. Beggars can't be choosers.

Joey Badass has been on my radar of artists who represents the fertilizer that continues to provide nourishment for the garden of Hip-Hop. Since "1999," Joey has continued to elevate his game as a leading artist out of the holy land of Hip-Hop, being New York. Listening to "All Amerikkkan Badass" makes me understand my own biased viewpoint, which bleeds over onto my appreciation for such an album that captures where we are in America.

Being that it's only 1:38 minutes long, Joey is telling us to WAKE UP and understand our place in America today. Not in a Spike-Lee movie type of way, but more so in a dream-like, smooth type of way. And no, I'm not speaking on the "woke" term that we as millennials love to toy with. I mean that deep awakening that our forefathers such as Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X stood on solid concrete and talked about for hours on in.

"Time to wake up, Won’t you come and smell the hot coffee, Stick your nose in the wrong places, one day you’ll OD"

Please, do yourself a favor a check out this masterpiece that Joey Bada$$ has given the world.

Princess Nokia: All Hail Feminist Royalty

Destiny Frasqueri, also known as Princess Nokia, is taking the indie hip-hop world by storm. With her rebellious lyrics, street chic looks, and unadulterated pushes for women’s rights she is an artist worth becoming a fan of.

In 2012, Princess Nokia launched her Soundcloud page which gained her much notoriety. Her latest project 1992 has launched her career and put her at the forefront for female emcees to look out for. Her New York upbringing and Afro-Nuyorican roots show in her music. She reminds me of NYC artist N.O.R.E mixed with Amil, and loads of her own flavor.  Her song “Brujas” talks not only about liberated women but refer to a way of Hispanic witchcraft. Other songs like “Tomboy” and “Kitana” speak of what kind of woman the Princess is and how she has no interest in changing, but people should be interested in accepting.

The industry is taking heed to Princess Nokia. She’s been featured in The Fader, Vibe, Noisey, Pitchfork, and more sharing how she doesn’t care about being called a bitch (as long as they know she’s a bad one), how she rather have dirty sneakers than frivolously spend, and that she doesn’t back off when she knows what she’s doing is right.

And don’t think this girl is all talk, just last month she had to put her paws on a white male student during a performance at Cambridge University after his public display of sexism. Nokia claimed he was saying sexual things to her and made sexual gestures while she performed, and she wasn’t having it.

Princess Nokia is not only a woman who stands for something important, but she is a talented artist and has the potential to be an icon on the music scene. Check out her latest project 1992 and fall in love.


Holy shit the last month has been crazy awesome.


So, I’m here for an extra month and with how things are going I’m confident in progressing my career in freelance writing. I’ve def had some low times here, I mean, shit happens to everyone I guess but I’ve prevailed.

My feet hurt but I don’t mind it. Lately I’ve been through the city by myself. No longer timid to travel with a companion here in the big apple. I’ve even found a part-time gig to put some extra money in my pocket. Naturally, my social skills led me to the opportunity and now every other day I’m back and forth from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Now, because I have this job doesn’t mean my explorations dimmed in any way. Made it to D.C., twice, went to both Queens and Coney Island. I’ve learned that Coney Island is apart of Brooklyn (Does that make me stupid?) and Queens reminds me of home. Also, with me being a fat ass, I was able to indulge in the well-known and very tasty Nathan’s. Where they serve hotdogs, burgers and a cross between the wedge and crinkly fry. Continue Reading