I normally don’t post anything other than what’s going on with the locals here and in any other cities, that are underground, but maaaaaaan when I tell you Kendrick’s To Pimp A Butterfly inspired me in so many ways I’m more than excited to post the  Kunta’s video. From what I know he’s representing his city Compton (OF COURSE) while parading in front of a very popular landmark that’ll soon be a Wal-Mart.


Imani @AOmuff500


What I love to see is women totally winning in what may seem to be dominated by men. And this list can go on and on. This post isn’t going to turn into me bashing others who are also talented but I think it’s VERY important to recognize the women who are on their shit. I’M just saying, I’m proud of the many beautiful faces who are blossoming in the music industry (and many others but this is a music post so yeah).

For a while I’ve been seeing the name OHSO, De-lah-Ohso and most importantly DJOHSO. Whaaaat, she’s a DJ? Exactly. Long story short, shortly after I’ve become a fan.IMG_0485


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Aye. Sean back. And the nigga SNAPPING. As a fan of Big and Hov above all, I appreciate the unique flow that can be brought to a track. With that being said, Sean has emerged as one of the illest with it. In his new single Blessings, featuring Drake with a remix spot by Ye, the hometown native delivers heat while weaving in, around, and on top of the beat. I know quite a few who don’t approve of the flow Sean has been developing for a couple of years, introduced on earlier tracks like Drakes All Me Record, but fuck them.

Sean has thrived with his detail for the balance of flow and content to keep him entertaining and also amongst the elite in this new youth rap shit. Drake came on and did what Drake does, bringing himself in Drake-esque then giving us stunt Drake. The Drake that reminds us how he pushed himself in the game and why he remains at the top of it. And to top it off comes the almighty Yeezus who did just enough to remind us that he’s not above letting his protege, Sean, take center stage while closing the song with the energy and style Kanye usually delivers. The track is off Sean’s junior album Dark Sky Paradise and with the first single IDFWU doing so well, this is looking to be a killa’ folks. Peep it HERE – Mars