Louis Picasso Presents “The GOLD Experience” Listening Party

Artists love to use their imagination and let their minds run free at the expense of their fans.  And to his fans delight, Louis Picasso happens to work in this particular head-space. In the heart of Ypsilanti at Friends Closet, Picasso hosted a listening party for his new project “Gold.” Gold is the long-awaited project that Picasso has promoted on social media for months. Artwork from local talent hung on the walls, merchandise was sold, and the event was being catered by Ypsilanti’s own, Tot’s Spot. Picasso is known for his high-energy and business acumen but just for tonight, the artist let his dreads down and celebrated with friends, family, and his lovely muse CJ Rene. In the midst of the event, Picasso premiered a one-minute snippet of his new video for the single “GOLD” and played the entire project throughout the night.

GOLD will be released on April 1, 2017.


Re Lxuise | DM Me EP


R&B singer Re Lxuise name has been buzzing around the music scene in Atlanta over the past few years. She’s been able to work with the likes of Bryan Michael Cox and Avery Wilson all while holding her own in the realm of music. She started in front of the church which is where all the great vocalists started. Hearing etho-complements such as “You betta sang,” and “Gone girl,” are not of the unfamiliar cloth with this upcoming superstar. She was born ready for the spotlight.

DM Me is a concept EP. Smooth production, Soulful interludes, and Re Lxuise’s beautiful alto arrangements make this EP impactful, being that it’s five tracks long. Each song carries its own message leaving you wanting more. It’s full of swagger and robust with energy. Don’t sleep.

Check out DM Me


Watch A 23 Year Old Erykah Badu Perform A Poetic Version Of “On & On”

There’s a first time for everything. Your first kiss, Your first time driving, and that first crush whom you have no clue about their whereabouts anymore.  Even though we look at celebrities as higher than art thou, they had to start from scratch just like the rest of us and learn how to fly onward.

Donning a lime green headwrap, all yellow attire and super-thick eyebrows, a young Erykah Badu can be seen performing a rough version of her 1997 smash, “On and On,” from her debut album, “Baduizm.” The album spawned other classic hits such as, “Other-side of The Game” and “Next Lifetime”. Baduizm also has two decades of music history this year. Congrats to Ms. Badu.



Barack Obama Mash-Up Video | Kendrick Lamar “Alright”

I know, I know. The sting of Barack Obama’s departure from The White House hasn’t eased up yet, and that’s okay. We as people have been through the unimaginable, and this Trump presidency should serve as a wake-up call. As a people, we must fight, and voice our opinions. One man can’t stop an entire show, no matter how much money and influence he may have. But for now, to ease your anxiety, check out this hilarious mash-up video of Barack Obama rapping Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright.”


James Fauntleroy | Warmest Winter II

The next time you purchase an album, (if your still into purchasing albums) look for James Fauntleroy’s name in the album credits. Beyoncé’s Albums? Yep. Brandy’s Albums? Yep. Bruno Mars Albums? Absolutely. This singer-songwriter-harmonic god has written for every single major artist of today. His raw vocals around skeleton pieces of production gives him a wicked jump-shot on the courts of music, and sound.

Even though he’s been involved in other various musical projects, his “Warmest Winter II EP” is a follow-up from 2014’s “Warmest Winter EP” which I played in constant rotation. If you’re a sucker for multi-layered harmonies and runs that make you jump out of your computer chair, I won’t lead you astray. Check out ‘Warmest Winter II’ below on Soundcloud.

Chavis Chandler Isn’t Taking Any Prisoners

Nobody wanna get it up from the dirt forreal just handshake and befriend y’all way to the top.

I can guarantee you your favorite rapper isn’t tweeting gems like this.

Chavis Chandler, the man, the myth, the legend, is one of the most diverse talents that Detroit has inhabited. If you click on his Soundcloud page, there are too many styles, lyrics and too may nuances to choose from. You feeling like you need to let some steam off? Turn on Trap Now, Die Later (Presented By Corner Goods). In the mood for something sensual for you and yours? SANGFOME or SANG2ME will do serve your chord-driven, soul-filled desires. But if you’re in the mood for all of the above, “Dark Skin Jermaine: The Legend of the Leather Britches” or “The Call of The Wild” would be best suited for your needs.

The East-Side born artist knows no boundaries when it comes to the type of music that he makes. He has an impeccable ear for sound, a constant thirst to deliver the grungiest lyrics possible and a heart of a lion. The man knows his way around the booth and boards which is why the anticipation for his next project is at a peak right now amid his fans and supporters.

He hasn’t dropped too many hints about his upcoming project but it is expected to be released in 2017. Until then, we shall follow his Tweets for updates.

Chavis Chandler Soundcloud:  https://m.soundcloud.com/chopchophoe

Follow me on Twitter: @TheSuitMastor

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Relevancy Versus Quantity

How much is too much of a good thing?

Remember when Amerie dropped “All I Have” in the Summer of 2002 and Pharrell dropped “Clones” in the Summer of 2003? These albums were defining moments if you were between the ages of 9-13 and your parents were lovers of music. During this time, every car that drove past had one of these LP’s blaring out of its speakers and bouncing toward eardrums. Despite that the singles from these two albums ,“Why Don’t We Fall In Love” and “Frontin” lived on  the radio for quite a while, there wasn’t a rush to turn the station. This could be because of the attention span of an avid listener back then, (pre-Spotify, pre- Tidal and pre- Mumble Rap). The problem that lies within music today is, to stay relevant, you have to constantly drop high-quality music at a faster pace than before which is hurting the music marketplace.


Why can’t music live in the atmosphere like it used to? Do we truly need more of a good thing? If your favorite artist is releasing mixtape after mixtape, the general fandom side of you will be pleasantly satisfied and your iTunes playlist will be hearty with new music. This tide tends to change if your favorite artist drops a career-defining album (such as J Cole “Forest Hills Drive”) and then disappears from the landscape. Is there a such thing as an artist being able to take their time and craft the best music possible anymore? This remains to be seen. But for now, let’s continue to accept all the albums and mixtapes even if it’s coming at us faster than a speeding bullet.