COFFIN CORP presents: Milfie ‘Green Skies’ video

After nearly a year, everyone's favorite Milfie drops a video over the weekend for her single Green Skies, directed by Joe Hendo and produced by Gothfathur. Green Skies exudes staying in YOUR bag; simply minding your business and getting money. As Milfie explains, "...and we all know that with business minding there's usually some haters mad because they wanna' ride your wave but can't," which I'm sure plenty of us can vouch for with our own experiences.

Green Skies will be featured on an upcoming project from collective Coffin Corp sometime next month. During the video, there's a bit of a surprise...more like a sneak peak from Milfie, produced by Blaaq Gold. Enjoy!


Divas of Detroit

Detroit’s music history includes many great divas like Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, and Anita Baker.The city pumps music through its veins and has so many beautiful artists to offer. There are some amazing up and coming divas from the D and these are just a few.

Kash Doll

She has inexplicably labeled herself as “That Bitch”. With confidence, beauty, hot lyrics, and a big old booty she is taking the rap world by storm. She sells out shows every time she is in her hometown, and watch what you say about her because her fans will definitely violate you for talking mess.

Jaye Prime

A mellow smooth multi-talented artist, Jaye Prime delivers jams to ride out to, smoke to, play at your kickback, or unwind during your alone time. She performs with an amazing band behind her and gives an extraordinary show every time.


A bubbly beauty with boisterous vocals, this diva can dance, sing, and make you laugh with her entertaining Instagram videos. She’s been featured on BET Jams and is only scratching the surface. She’s an artist you want to get to know.

Britney Stoney

Music that automatically makes you happy is underrated. Every song you hear from this lovely lady will put a smile on your face. She writes her own music, plays the guitar, and exudes a playful confidence we seldom see.

The MonaLyse

If you want to hear straight bars, this girl is worth a listen. A phenomenal emcee and poet, she brings fire to every beat she touches. With her unique cadence and original ideas, she sets herself apart from your average female rapper.


A strong voice to match her strong personality, this girl gives her all in every single song she sings. She knows how to pack a house, sing with all her might, and do it all in heels. She hosts an annual show called “Americana” (May 28th 4 pm El Club) and every year it gets better and better.

Molly Brazy

The barely legal rapper with a “don’t fuck with me” attitude. She’s tatted, she totes guns, and she hangs among some of Detroit’s toughest rappers. This gal does not take any mess and her music will give you the gusto to go jab for jab with anyone talking shit.

Detroit Che

She has been all over BET, and every time she drops a project it rains. There are few emcees who can out rap this tenacious shorty. She is humble, positive, and downright great. Che has tons of fans that show up and show out every time her name is on the bill.


A dynamic diva with her own flashy style. This blonde bombshell talks all of her shit and doesn’t care how you feel about it. She serves sex appeal, sass, and will twerk at your party and turn it out. In a league of her own, Milfie constantly serves us and leaves us wanting more.

Milfie is NOT here to play with y’all, tf?

With having a year and some change under her belt, Milfie found a way to deliver and werk the hell out of 2017…and it’s only February. Lately, she has been preparing us for her project MILFIE which will be available early sometime this year. Until then to ease our cravings Milfie released a series of music within the past three days. The raptress is rapping that cash shit BOY let me tell you. She mentioned in an interview with AO last month that a few of her inspirations stems from grinding and playing these niggas which reflect greatly in Skateland, I Ain’t Pressed and 4G$ . They all sum up and bit of Milfie’s personality and style and I ain’t mad at it. If anything my baby, I feel you. With production work from ELoV, BAGraves and Filthy Rockwell and engineer Chad Roto, Milfie was able to execute and is literally feeding my anxiousness for what’s to come next! Good shit mama.

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Listen to all three of Milfie’s singles below! However, if you want keep’em forever be patient because next week they’ll be available on both Spotify and Apple Music! Shoot her a follow on twitter for updates!

Prod. Filthy Rockwell

4G$ feat. Oba Rowland
prod. EVol

I Ain’t Pressed
prod. BAGraves

  • Can’t forget to mention the creative team who support Milfie!
    Creative Direction: Milfie/BreAnn White
    Photographer: BreAnn White @breannwhlgn
    Artwork: Jonathan Brooks @JonXGenius
    Wardrobe Stylist: Taviana Myles @ONLYTAVI
    Make-up Moriah Mierre @beatbymo
    Hair Stylist: Javonne Hatcher @jaetress
  • Sexy and Sweet: Detroit’s Up and Coming Raptress Milfie

    Some may call her a late bloomer because she only started rapping in 2015, but others will call her a natural born talent. Milfie is a native west side Detroit girl who knows no shame. She is brutally honest, spits fire, has probably made out with the girl you have a crush on, and she is killing the Detroit art scene. Don’t hold her down as just another scene girl though because Milfie is only starting her movement.

    What inspired the name Milfie?

    Milfie was inspired by my early pregnancy. I had my son at 18 and some people may not consider me a milf because I’m  not old enough for cougar status. Milfie is just a lil cute version given to me by a friend and I hear that name more than my actual name, Jasmine.

    When did you start rapping?

    I started rapping in October of 2015. Even though that isn’t too far back, I’ve been writing poetry forever.

    You have received a lot of opportunity and fans in a short amount of time, how does that feel?

    People actually listen to my songs and share them, tweet my lyrics, and all types of shit. It makes me happy that people recognize my talent and genuine efforts to make music when I didn’t have the courage to for so long. Clearly, once I decided to do it though I went all out

    Your lyrics are gritty yet boastful, what inspires your music?

    I’m rapping about my life, the things I go through, how I’m grinding, and playing these niggas. I’m playing, but not really. I’m a hard ass worker and I think that’s why my lyrics are so boastful. Anything I have, I’ve worked to get. Everything I’m doing, will do, and have done are direct results of the pressure I’m putting on myself. I’m also a little (very) rough around the edges as a result of tough love from my mother and my city.

    You also model, how has modeling helped your music?

    It definitely helps me bring out my sexy and gets me comfortable in my skin. Modeling directly affects your confidence, and I also think that contributes to how boastful or cocky I may come off in music. Seeing a photo of myself with my face beat like the girls I watched as a kid on America’s Next Top Model? It makes me feel on top of the world. It makes me feel like I can literally do whateverthefuck I wanna do. BECAUSE I REALLY CAN.  

    Some consider you to be a sex symbol, do you consider yourself to be one, why or why not?

    People consider me a sex symbol and I LOVE IT! I have a baby face. The baby face of all baby faces and I’m really grown as fuck. I like to put my sexy on the table because I enjoy it. I  enjoy feeling sexy for myself. I’m assuming a sex ‘symbol’ would maybe make the sexiness a luxury for everyone else, but it really is for me I just know that I’m beautiful and I’m falling more in love with myself and my body everyday and I don’t mind flaunting it.

    Who do you aspire to work with?

    I aspire to work with Xavier Wulf. He is so hard man. He is so loud and proud and unapologetic and just everything. If you think I’m gritty and boastful, listen to Thunderman. I can’t wait to create with Sam Austins and The MonaLyse. I’ve known them for years and they have so much talent.  

    What new projects do you have coming up?

    The most recent things I have dropped are Behavior and Filthy Vol. 1 which are two totally different flavors but still very me. This goes to show how crazy MILFIE will go when it drops early this year. I’ve been working on my sound and comfort level and I’m really just going to keep flourishing.

    Where do you see yourself this time next year?

    This time next year, I will be discussing my life with you, about how it changed my life and how I can’t believe it all happened this fast even though I’m speaking it right now. Watch.  

    New Music! Milfie | Behavior

    As the summer come to a close Milfie continues to keep her audience afloat with her new hit single Behavior. It has been little over 6 months since herself and producer StopBeingSober (who also produced Milfie’s RockNRye and Perfect) worked together. Listening to the difference in sound is quite fulfilling on top of the fact that I’m totally fucking with this track.

    Check out Behavior and enjoy!

    MILFIE | Poppin VIDEO

    This video’s a bit trippy but I likes it. Emphasis on Likes and yes the “S” is there on purpose. Milfie as of recent has been glowing up rather quickly here in Detroit with her music and is making it known that it’s better to be with her than against her with her single Poppin. So much girl power was put into this video thanks to Khloe Daniels for directing it. Enjoy!