Satomi the Red Fox gets intimate with single My Hands

Let's break out of this hard exterior that we often house ourselves in because of the music we sometimes allow to influence us. Haven't heard anything cute and cuddly in a while, bone worthy yes, but lets' get gentle. Let's get into Satomi the Red Fox, a guitarist here to sooth your soul with his intimate love ballads. My Hands is simple and quite smitten. It doesn't take much for Satomi to get his point across through feels and with the direction from Diego Cruz you can resonate with the vibe.

"When the feeling is mutual" personified. Allow yourself to melt and enjoy!


Listen to New music from J-SUN, Oceans


Yesternight Detroit’s own, J-Sun snuck in some new shit on SoundCloud that’ll have us all wishing for an everlasting love. With a year and some change between his release of The Pow Bang Theory, J-Sun introduced the influence of Hawaii’s islands and incorporated the sound into his single Oceans. According to Sun, this is only a filler track until he’s ready to drop TPBT2. He says, “It’s a feel-good song about love and yearning for something deeper like a supernatural love hence ‘deep as the ocean’ expressing what I’m sure we all would like to experience in one form or another“. It’s a good start considering that he produced it and took literally no time to execute this delight of a song. Check him out below!

“…Baby I’m Selfish”


Social Media. Two words that broke the molding of society as we know it. Everything we consume is now funneled through social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) and this will be the norm for a very long time. One of the biggest areas that social media has reshaped is the area of relationships. You disagree? Well, let me explain.

In the 90’s, if you wanted to meet a man or woman, you would have to go out, meet someone, get that person’s house phone or beeper number, and reach out constantly and meet up and hope that something happens. Now, everything is at the click of a button. If you’re in a relationship, and you aren’t posting your significant other, this constitutes as cheating. Why? I have no idea, but I do have a few educated guesses.


In today’s world, since everything is shown on social media, this means that people can see other people’s relationship timeline. Hell, some people reveal so much of their personal affairs, you can actually see the inconsistency on full display. Couples go from “Us against the world,” to “Moving on to bigger and better things” in the course of one night! But what if someone really doesn’t want to put their relationship on social media? This doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is cheating or embarrassed. Maybe they want to promote their business, perhaps an employer might be monitoring their social media, or maybe they simply prefer that aspect to be private than public. To each its own, but there’s nothing wrong with being a little selfish about what you share on social media. Even if everyone else is showcasing their lives like a new box office movie.


Relationships: A No-Holds Barred Discussion

Relationships are tough. It’s like a never-ending flight of stairs that can lead you to upper levels of euphoria and through downward spirals of pain. Words and messages can get lost in translation, and the background noise can simply be just too much. Here are some tips that one can follow to avoid some of the pitfalls that may come around.

Be Honest: This is a VERY underrated subject. It’s in our nature as people to try to cover up the truth when it comes to new age taboo topics such as DM’s, likes and retweets, posts about someone else, etc. There is nothing that can trump honesty, so please… Be honest about everything at all times.

Be Respectful: Respect is another slept-on aspect of a relationship that people overlook. Yes you may love 💘 and cherish your signficant other but do you respect them? Do you respect their wants and needs? Can you STILL show respect even after a heated argument or disagreement? These questions should all coincide with showing the upmost respect toward each other.

Keep a united front: This is a bit of a double-entendre only because you literally have to sometimes front to keep a united front. A united front means that regardless of what argument or fight may have just went down, as soon as you two enter into a public arena, you keep things together at all costs. I can care less if it’s on social media, or around friends, never let people see some of the more challenging aspects of your relationship. This in turn cuts down on different opinions that could potentially damage the livelihood of your relationship.

Put Love first.



What Happened To Dating?

During the early stages of my childhood, I was surrounded by older individuals who had an unlimited supply of wealth and knowledge to share every single chance they got. It didn’t matter if it was a man, or woman who was supplying the knowledge, either way I was intrigued beyond belief from start to finish.

One topic that I found curious then and still to this day I find to be a vast topic is dating. Dating is supposed to be the first stage for the eventual maturation process for a relationship, yet today people have taken dating and threw it out of the window of hope into a sea of uncertainty and despair.


In the past, dating used to be something that people actually took seriously. If two people were in an exclusive dating situation, then those same two people would do everything to respect one another, and cherish the time that they spent together, sort of like a gardener maintaining a bed of roses. But now in present times, it isn’t cool to date, AT ALL. Compliments are now viewed as thirst attempts, chivalry is looked upon as one trying too hard, and showing effort means that either one has A. Done something wrong. B. Done something wrong, or C. All of the above. Continue Reading


Hey you all…

I was expecting for Nolan to spit a bit of something but turns out that this video is simply something that you can vibe to, with his own personal touch. Him, director Brandon Damon, and others gives viewers a small tour of the fruits that Detroit has to offer. Watch as they go from People’s record store and end up at SGT. Pepperoni while listening to Elation (If I’m not mistaken it’s a sample from  Common’s I Still Love H.E.R.).

…and if you’re interested in any of the places that Nolan visited check out the links below!

People’s Records

AYV Clothing Store

Paramita Sound 

American Coney Island (Even though I personally prefer Lafayette’s)

SGT Pepperoni (It’s inside of the Majestic Theater)

Imani AOmuff500