Slowly but surely medical Majiuana is becoming legal in a few states, most recently in Georgia. Now, let’s focus our attention on D.C. and their dilemma. November of 2014 floats around and both the voters and the council says that it’s perfectly fine for citizens to keep about two oz. on them AND they can nurture up to 6 cannibus plants within their home. Regardless of that, by federal law, it’s still totally illegal to buy and/or sell it. I mean, lets be real –the government can’t tax from it, just yet. Unless is medical. And of course congress don’t want to legalize it because they feel the effects are far too close to what you may feel when doing other illegal drugs.

So the District of Columbia have been GIVING away seeds to people who are interested in growing. There’s little cute bags being passed out and its OKAY! At one point, within 9 years there’s been 8 million majiuana related arrest and tax payers around the nation came out of pocket 32.4 billion dollars. Over 70 years ago the Majiuana tax act was put in place basically criminalizing the drug. Look at us now. Progression.


Imani AOmuff500