COFFIN CORP presents: Milfie ‘Green Skies’ video

After nearly a year, everyone's favorite Milfie drops a video over the weekend for her single Green Skies, directed by Joe Hendo and produced by Gothfathur. Green Skies exudes staying in YOUR bag; simply minding your business and getting money. As Milfie explains, "...and we all know that with business minding there's usually some haters mad because they wanna' ride your wave but can't," which I'm sure plenty of us can vouch for with our own experiences.

Green Skies will be featured on an upcoming project from collective Coffin Corp sometime next month. During the video, there's a bit of a surprise...more like a sneak peak from Milfie, produced by Blaaq Gold. Enjoy!


Short Film: SEA OF EXPRESSION feat. FYNYR dir. by Joe Hendo

Here in this short film, at first glance, you’re watching what may seem like someone is merely someone judging themselves. When in fact FYNYR (who’s featured) is showing off two different personalities. The one who’s simply just living and the other who’s observing and figuring himself out. The conflict; the balance. Something that I often find myself doing when I find my life spiraling out of control (lol??). I think Joe Hendo captured this “mood” pretty well.