ilajide | HEET TAPE Album

Many of us recognize Ilajide because of Detroit super group, Clear Soul Forces, but as of late he has been consistently delivering solo music. Roughly last year he gave us Latex Rejects and Latex under hip-hop music label RIK; Now he’s reintroducing himself with his first album, Heet Tape. Which Ilajide, over the months, prepared us for with his Five Week Heet Series that you can still stream through Soundcloud.

I’m sure when you hear the name Heet Tape that it must consist of some type of fire. Welp, you got it. There’s not enough flame emojis that’ll help confirm how I feel about this album. Every second of it was written by Ilajide or who you may hear narrating, Mr. Pocket Jam. It’s reminiscent of his work with CSF and others; his talent(s) is showcased with this project. A lot of the influence and inspiration stemmed from his mother’s encouragement; who’ve passed away while he was a teenager about 10 years ago.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing from him soon! And if you haven’t yet, check out his video for Don’t Fake below.

Watch him perform Nic Uh, from the album, at his Heet Tape release party here


Ilajide | Latex



As you can see the members of Detroit’s Clear Soul Forces are working on building themselves a name opposed to only being recognized as a group. Which is a beautiful thing!! I mean, why not highlight your greatest asset as an individual? As a music lover I want to see what it is that everyone contributes.  Pfft, y’all better WORK!

21 tracks of instrumentals all bundled up into LATEX, created by Ilajide himself. His explanation for the name is pretty straight forward. Sex is great, the music is raw but nonetheless wrap it up. I’m not surprised with the album, I’m more so impressed. If you haven’t heard any of his previous work, clearly this is his niche. Also, you can hear the Juggernaut tied into the beat project as well along with bits a pieces of Busta Rhyme and Redman ad-libs. Latex is the calm before the storm. While Ilajide is gradually building a platform for himself be prepared for some funk in the near future. Can’t spare the details but yet that’s another reason for you to get familiar with him!

oh, and peep is bandcamp!