5 Missy Verses You Shouldn’t Be Overlooking

Missy Elliot is a veteran in the game. She has worked with some of the world’s most amazing artists from Aaliyah to J. Cole. She is arguably one of the best female rappers of all time with her unique swag, incredible lyricism, and phenomenal videos. Missy has been lowkey and behind the scenes for the past couple of years with the exception of her latest release, but she has guest appeared on some of your fav artists’ songs. If you haven’t heard her spit on these songs it’s time you do.

5.) Strive - A$AP Ferg feat. Missy Elliot

One of my favorite songs from Always Strive and Prosper, this lighthearted testament to what has made these two great puts some pep in your step and motivation in your soul. Missy speaks of her fly aunty she used to emulate as a kid and how that helped inspire her to be great.

4.) Without Me - Fantasia feat. Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliot

“Faking shit gone kill you; boy I know the real you.” Sometimes you just have to set a fuck boy or fuck girl straight and this anthem will help you do so. With three great artists speaking of lame ass exes, Missy, of course, raps about how she’s too fly for anyone’s bullshit.

3.) Glow Up - Mary J. Blige feat. Missy Elliot, Quavo, and DJ Khaled

From Mary’s latest release, this is another I don’t need you anthem. Missy starts off the song setting the precedent for Mary and Quavo rapping over a delightful DJ Khaled beat.

2.) Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid) - Fall Out Boy feat. Missy Elliot

For the release of 2016’s all female cast Ghostbusters, Fall Out Boy redid the classic “Ghostbusters” song and added their own twist and Missy Elliot. Per usual she gives her unique style, playful lyricism, and freaky cadences.

1.) I’m Better Remix - Missy Elliot featuring Eve, Lil Kim, and Trina

Missy brings together rap queens of her generation together for a remix of her latest release “I’, Better”. Everything Missy does signify royalty and hearing her and other great female emcees from the 90s and 2000s should make every person happy.

Divas of Detroit

Detroit’s music history includes many great divas like Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, and Anita Baker.The city pumps music through its veins and has so many beautiful artists to offer. There are some amazing up and coming divas from the D and these are just a few.

Kash Doll

She has inexplicably labeled herself as “That Bitch”. With confidence, beauty, hot lyrics, and a big old booty she is taking the rap world by storm. She sells out shows every time she is in her hometown, and watch what you say about her because her fans will definitely violate you for talking mess.

Jaye Prime

A mellow smooth multi-talented artist, Jaye Prime delivers jams to ride out to, smoke to, play at your kickback, or unwind during your alone time. She performs with an amazing band behind her and gives an extraordinary show every time.


A bubbly beauty with boisterous vocals, this diva can dance, sing, and make you laugh with her entertaining Instagram videos. She’s been featured on BET Jams and is only scratching the surface. She’s an artist you want to get to know.

Britney Stoney

Music that automatically makes you happy is underrated. Every song you hear from this lovely lady will put a smile on your face. She writes her own music, plays the guitar, and exudes a playful confidence we seldom see.

The MonaLyse

If you want to hear straight bars, this girl is worth a listen. A phenomenal emcee and poet, she brings fire to every beat she touches. With her unique cadence and original ideas, she sets herself apart from your average female rapper.


A strong voice to match her strong personality, this girl gives her all in every single song she sings. She knows how to pack a house, sing with all her might, and do it all in heels. She hosts an annual show called “Americana” (May 28th 4 pm El Club) and every year it gets better and better.

Molly Brazy

The barely legal rapper with a “don’t fuck with me” attitude. She’s tatted, she totes guns, and she hangs among some of Detroit’s toughest rappers. This gal does not take any mess and her music will give you the gusto to go jab for jab with anyone talking shit.

Detroit Che

She has been all over BET, and every time she drops a project it rains. There are few emcees who can out rap this tenacious shorty. She is humble, positive, and downright great. Che has tons of fans that show up and show out every time her name is on the bill.


A dynamic diva with her own flashy style. This blonde bombshell talks all of her shit and doesn’t care how you feel about it. She serves sex appeal, sass, and will twerk at your party and turn it out. In a league of her own, Milfie constantly serves us and leaves us wanting more.

Adam Reverie Runs Through Detroit For New Video “Passion”

Rebuilding takes time, we all know this. We also know the horrid stories that people outside of the Michigan border say about the greatest city on earth, being Detroit. Bankrupt? Crime-ridden? Poverty-stricken? Yeah, we get it. But along with the negative, you can't negate the positive aspects that have come from and continues to come from our city.

Detroit's own Adam Reveire has released his video for "Passion." We find ourselves watching Adam sprint across various sectors of Detroit and delivering bar after bar at the same time.

"Rap is full of clones or she a whore-ish mama
Grown Men crying bout Desiigner
Cuz they never could quite design a
Plan to get their music popping
Too focused on buying wack designers"

Adam Reverie represents the original essence of Hip-Hop. Pure, uncharted passion gift-wrapped onto a sensitive track.


Joey Badass encourages free thought on ‘Good Morning Amerikkka’

(Artwork by Tony Whlgn of The Whlgn)

Sometimes I wish intro's to great albums weren't so short. It's like a vacation that started on Friday but rushes toward Monday leaving you wondering if you even left home. Beggars can't be choosers.

Joey Badass has been on my radar of artists who represents the fertilizer that continues to provide nourishment for the garden of Hip-Hop. Since "1999," Joey has continued to elevate his game as a leading artist out of the holy land of Hip-Hop, being New York. Listening to "All Amerikkkan Badass" makes me understand my own biased viewpoint, which bleeds over onto my appreciation for such an album that captures where we are in America.

Being that it's only 1:38 minutes long, Joey is telling us to WAKE UP and understand our place in America today. Not in a Spike-Lee movie type of way, but more so in a dream-like, smooth type of way. And no, I'm not speaking on the "woke" term that we as millennials love to toy with. I mean that deep awakening that our forefathers such as Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X stood on solid concrete and talked about for hours on in.

"Time to wake up, Won’t you come and smell the hot coffee, Stick your nose in the wrong places, one day you’ll OD"

Please, do yourself a favor a check out this masterpiece that Joey Bada$$ has given the world.