Love on your Skin!: Tips from Imani

Where can I start? First and for most I would like to thank everyone who’ve approached me inquiring about my skin, hair and teeth. I take pride in looking bomb as fuck and I couldn’t be anymore excited than to share these tips. In which, they’re not complicated. There’s no magic involved or any secret concoction;  laser shit or cover ups.

An Ulta store opened up across from my job a few months ago and back then I was thinking to myself, “all of this make-up, so convenient, very affordable, face bouta be beat!” The excitement that stemmed from what was in front of the store distracted me from all the awesome skin products beyond that. Aside from changing my diet I’ve always been obsessed with my appearance and health.

Let’s start with our teeth shall we!

I like to brush twice a day with a flouride-free toothpaste (preferably Toms). Because I love brushing so much I often get caught in a daze and find myself dancing to the rhythms in my mouf. However, when I brush at night I like to use Activated Charcoal as a polish and whitener. It’s a bit messy but it gets the job done.

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REVIEW: Using Lola & Doe’s Activated Charcoal

Last summer I was on the search for a clay mask for sensitive skin but while browsing through Lola & Doe’s organic goods I’ve stumbled upon something that I quickly grew an interest for. Before I get into this review, Lola & Doe has been around for almost a full year dishing out homemade remedies for your mental and physical health. From body butters to scrubs, the combination of natural ingredients are both creative and it makes sweet passionate love to your skin.


From what my mother told me (and from research) activated charcoal was/is used primarily for cleansing out any toxins in your body. You might of seen them in capsule form at your local market. I would’ve never thought that it could be used for so many other things such a facial mask, make-up and what I use it for, teeth whitening. Now activated charcoal isn’t what you may think; no you cannot go to your garage and rub charcoal on your teeth and call it a day. It’s a process much more difficult to explain. Huge reason as to why I’d rather buy it. Continue Reading

From The Earth With Love | Lola & Doe’s Body Shop

Since forever there has been natural remedies that’s been passed down from generations to generations. There wasn’t any man-made medicines or bath goods that were being mass-produced in factories. Some of the oldest records of using the earth to heal dates back to 2600 B.C.! Simply combining plants, herbs, spices, charcoal, clay, fruits & veggies etc. did enough to cure sickness or clear unwanted body acne. Even animal bone/fat were being used to aid gut-lining. I feel like back then the connection between the earth and humans were pure and strong. Respect didn’t only exist amongst human beings; at one point every living organism held a significance. No matter how big or small. I personally think that’s why so many survived with what grew around them opposed to some of the commercial products that we so desperately depend on today…which still harms us in many ways.

As of lately (lately as in “within the past few years”) the “natural” wave hit us in ways unimaginable. Almost every household item has a “natural” alternative. Along with those labels there’s a hefty price to pay. The ugliness of consumerism rears its head and force people to make a silly and yet very real decision. “Should I buy what may seem better for my body or grab what’s easier on my pockets regardless of the health concerns that follows”.

like, why?

I’m always scouting for affordable ways to nourish my body and in this case I’ve also ran across a black owned spa line for both men and women. Lola & Doe are a couple that understands the importance of loving your body. And you can’t fulfill that without taking care of your physical self. They’ve created an all organic HOMEMADE spa line that’s friendly on everyone’s pockets.

In this interview Doe (@DoeDoobs on twitter) talks about his mission and what he wants to accomplish. Lola & Doe is one of the many ways he plans on changing the community for the better.I0V2bubg

Who is Lola & Doe and at what point did you both decide to create organic spa products?

Lola & Doe (my beautiful girlfriend and I) are two happy people who woke up and learned that your skin is your body’s largest organ and the things we rub into/onto it affects your quality of life in ways that most people don’t realize. Lola started doing her homework to make sure we were serving the people the right type of ingredients and its been taking off ever since!

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Two days ago Nancy Grace decided to take yet another shot at marijuana usage and invited rapper 2 Chainz to join the debate. Little did she know Tauheed Epps (which is 2 Chainz real name) brought his A game along with facts and owned the debate #TRUU. The full interview is below and from my point of view what is being shown below is obviously opinion vs. fact.

I think what’s crazy about debates such as this is that someone is always playing the blame game and brings in the tender “what if it was your child” argument. Even with the legendary Bill O’ Rielly vs. Cam’ron & Dame Dash interview fingers were being pointed when the REAL issue is home-grown. Continue Reading