Album Review: Clifford x GueringerThe13th

Pontiac, MI based rapper Gueringer The 13th has released his album Clifford  based on his trials and tribulations growing from a young boy on Clifford Street to the man he is today. You can hear his heart and soul throughout the project with very personal tracks like What Would You Do and Good Things you are invited into his life and what means the most to him. The cadence of Gueringer’s voice is unique and over the mostly chill and powerful beats you can definitely tell him apart from the mumbling rap we are hearing all over the airwaves.

The project only has one feature on the track Girls Love to Party from Detroit’s Princess and friend Dej Loaf. The song will definitely have you ready to turn up and wanting to make sure no one tells your daddy because all of it could end badly.

My favorite track on Clifford is by far Searching where Gueringer details how he woos a woman an puts his mack down. The song, produced by Talen Ted, features the perfect “Computer Love” sample you’ve ever heard.

The 15 track project has absolutely no skips, and has the perfect vibes to accompany your winter kickbacks and long drives in the snow. Check out “Clifford” below!

Eskimo Brothers EP |Gueringer the 13th + XoxianeDeezy


Eskimo Brothers

There’s actually a great story behind this title. Now peep, rapper Gueringer the 13th and producer XoxaineDeezy has worked together for quite sometime now. 3 projects in to be exact; but Eskimo Brothers is the first EP where they’re both putting forth some bars. Even the content itself is out of Gueringer’s element, so he says, but I fuck with it. Now back to the title, before EVER working together they’ve found out that they’ve been “smashing” the same women and boom greatness was created shortly after. That is what solidified their rapper/producer relationship. Which I find in an odd way, pretty cool. This EP deems to be relatable and comical. Check it out below!

Gueringer the 13th | PMI

The Pontiac Pioneer, Gueringer the 13th, is back with his fifth EP and from the looks of it 2015 has been a prolific year for him. With this being his second major drop this year Gueringer and his #ChiefyTribe movement are holding on quite strong and doesn’t plan on going anywhere soon!Check out his video for PMI (Pontiac Michigan)!