I always have such a hard time figuring out what I’m going to munch on after I smoke a bit of oowee (old head term for WEED). Many times I wonder aimlessly throughout a convenient store confused as to what my taste buds would fancy or I would know EXACTLY what I want, grab it, and then buy a shit ton of whatever else. Burning my already starving pockets. That shit happens EVERY TIME. The extra snacks, 9 times out of 10, are foods that I wouldn’t dare to eat sober. Crazy what weed would do. But there are a few snacks that I keep dear to my heart which makes, making a decision, SO much easier.


Allow me to share…


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Lately I can admit that I’ve been in a funk. I have my super awesome joyous moments and then whateverthefuck bothers me and boom, I’m killing the kindness that naturally resonates within me. Not saying that I’m becoming a Grouch of some sort I just despise my energy being drained.

I’m also watching the game so I may seem distracted throughout this post.

My attitude definitely needs an adjustment and with that being said I find myself making necessary changes in my life. Last year I’ve built a solid foundation and I want to focus on what’s important for the now & later. I’ve hesitated and missed out on opportunities which I refuse to do this year. “BEKUZ” NIGGAS HAVE GOALS TO ACCOMPLISH. And what I’ve noticed lately is that I allow people to guilt me and take advantage of my kind ways (sometimes). It’s a distraction. So, I have distractions, my retail gig and my blog going ape shit in my mental. Therefore my focus is now fucked and I’m more so care-less than care-free.  Continue Reading