Overwatch: A year in the service

Season 4 is underway and the one-year anniversary for one of the most celebrated games of 2016 is quickly approaching. Overwatch has entered the fray of gaming and has made A LOT of noise offering a product that’s fun enough for casuals, and deep enough for the hardcore gaming community.

Overwatch, created by the OG developer Blizzard, is a competitive shooter that pits two teams of six against each other in objective-based game modes. It has a huge variety of characters to choose from ranging from high attack, tank, and support. The stages are lush and vibrant with deep detail and are set in futuristic versions of real cities around the world. These two combinations toppled with the short but very fun game modes deliver an experience that’s very enjoyable from a casual to a competitive level, which is rare in shooters these days.

One of the biggest driving points in Overwatch is its vast selection of characters with different skills, moves, and personalities to choose from. Whether it’s the time-jumping Tracer, that uses two close range submachine guns, or the Mammoth sized armor-clad Reinhardt, that uses a rocket-propelled hammer to smash his foes, each character has a full set of moves that make each engagement in battle that more fun. Each character fills the standard roles we’ve seen, being Attack, Defense, Tank, or Support. It’s important to know how to use at least one of these characters from each group so your team is well-rounded, thus giving you a better chance at winning the match.

The stages are designed with the game types in mind with areas large and spacious enough to host control and capture points, and routes lined with alternative passages for quick ways to escape or chase down an enemy, the stages are built with purpose while also displaying various countries around the world with very futuristic themes. Whether it’s finding a backdoor to flank ya enemy in Egypt or marching a forward winding path weaving through buildings marching an objective in Beijing, the areas around you feel spaced enough for all matters of combat. You could engage a person one second in a narrow hallway and the next would be in a hanger bay and it all feels natural and within the game and city, you’re in. Continue Reading

For Honor : A Song of War

Guns. Friends. Online. This is usually the formula for having a successful multiplayer online experience. Very few games allow us to share the glory of an up close and personal steel to steel battles without it being relegated to an RPG game add-on or side scrolling hack and slash adventure. For Honor fills this void offering a true PVP experience featuring the SAMURAI, VIKINGS, AND KNIGHTS!!!

For Honor is set in a period where all 3 factions are in a warring state. For storyline purposes, this conflict is antagonized by the mysterious woman in black armor, Apollyon. Her motive is to keep the gears of war moving, so this game centers around this conflict amongst the warring clans. The matches online are  4V4 so naturally, I enlisted the aid of my 3 fellow brothers in arms about their personal experience after about a week or so of us in thick of war. These are their stories…(And Gamertags)

Q (QtheUsurper)

The thing that makes For Honor the most enjoyable, for me, is being able to wage good ol medieval war with my friends. There are obviously tons of multiplayer war games but the time frame and class options are near a perfect fit for the group of people I play with. A variety of character typing allows us to create warriors that are clear reflections of how we are and on the battlefield, the real life chemistry comes through. Especially in modes like Dominion where I spend a lot of time darting around the field capturing bases and reviving the fallen. To me, that is a direct translation to how I operate in the real world. I’m out here jugging these moves for the squad and if somebody falls down, I’m on the way to scoop them up without hesitation. The only thing I’ve seen bring us this close, gaming wise, is Pokemon but the war factor gives it more edge.  My comrades and I running amok in a Skyrim-esp world (minus the magic and dragons) is a for sure winner with me. Continue Reading

My First RPG: An introduction to Mana

It’s a beautiful, blue day in the spring of Detroit as a young me pushes open the screen door and steps onto the porch, inhaling scenery and fresh air and the energy he needed for a typical 10-year-old outside adventure . It’s the weekend so I catch my dad sitting on the porch, waving at a burgundy corvette that just pulled across the gravel that was our driveway. Young me had just exited a private, no people allowed, video game session and was raring to go outside and play around the block. So much so, that I barely noticed the car until it was halfway through driveway. Inside was a friend of my Dads, an Indian fellow whose name i can’t remember but car and gift I for sure would not forget. My dad greets him and introduces me and that’s when I see a blue and white CD disk that, unbeknownst to me, would change my fuckin life.

This god-sent disc with just the letters SNES on it contained damn near every Nes, Snes, Sega, and NEGEO game that had been released in EVERY major country. JAPANESE and all, this disk introduced me to games that I wouldn’t have experienceduntil well into my more explorative days with emulators and ROMS. Some of the titles stuck out to me, the Final Fantasies, Marios, Castelvanias (and a TON of Dragonball Z games!) being the more obvious ones but one really caught my eye after weeks of going through and playing shitloads of titles. Enters Secret Of Mana 2, or what its known as in Japan, Seiken Densetsu 3. My first real RPG game, it introduced me to the more conventional style of RPGS that were already a staple in gaming. With characters ranging from brawlers to thief’s to magicians, this game introduced me to those subclasses, stories, and settings that litter the RPG world and delivered them with a uniqueness that captured me at such a young age.

35237-Seiken_Densetsu_3_(Japan)_[En_by_LNF+Neill_Corlett+SoM2Freak_v1.01]_[Title_Hack_by_Dragonsbrethren_v1.0]_(~Secret_of_Mana_2)-1 Continue Reading