Listen to Izzy Faye and his Ugly Truth

The first time that I've heard Izzy Faye's music was at the African World Festival here in Detroit, in August. And when I tell you, this man has a shit ton of energy that quite naturally, drove me to his soundcloud.

At that point, he has a few singles out along with some features so I did some digging. Ever since then, I made my way to his release party for his debut album The Ugly Truth. I couldn't help but enjoy myself, not only because of the music but because of how interactive the experience was. Considering his youth and where music is now he's taking a different route by giving us a glimpse through the eyes of a young growing man who's riddled with trying to figure out this life shit. The album starts off with him reflecting on his ways before diving into a world of drugs, women, the hustle and hopes of pushing his music career to where it should be. A narrative that we've all heard before just not as straightforward, witty and comical. 

The Ugly Truth features some of the best in the city as far as production and collabs but that's not the sole reason why he deserves some spins. Check out Izzy's album below!

Get into some #YEN with Nolan the Ninja

So let's get into some new music from one of our faves of AOmarkerlove, rap phenom, Nolan the Ninja. #YEN, his second full-length album from indie record label, Left of Center, is no doubt some of his best work in his career. Though he's been rocking the mic a few years his career is only beginning. Over time, I feel as though he perfected his style of rapping and paired it with his love for early underground hip-hop, thus #YEN was born. There's a few factors that stood out to me that mirrors albums that I've cared enough to miss such as comical skits, an actual story-line and a solid balance of content.

Nolan shares his current realizations about his city, future, and peers along with a few heavy hitters from home like Royce da 5’9, Jaye Prime, Ashley Rose and A-minus. With sounds from the Ninja himself, Black Milk, Ashton Woods and more.

(May I add that I’m extremely excited to know that Chicago’s Add-2 is also featured on this album along with other out-of-town-ers)

To celebrate the release of #YEN Nolan performed a few of his favorites at Detroit's Distillery in Eastern Market and then again that weekend in NY! The bar even created a customized drink menu with yummy alcoholic beverages named after items in Nolan's career that holds a bit significance. For example, I had something called the Pearimita that was reminiscent of Paramita Sounds, a record store here in the city that host many events like the popular and monthly Beat Profile that I see Nolan at almost religiously.

Steam #YEN on Soundcloud, buy here and if you need the vinyl or tape grab'em here!



Money making music is what you’re going to get while listening to LAZ No Paperwork. Which sounds like an ode to hip-hop as well as a self-help montage in the form of an EP. Originally LAZ was going to give us something reminiscent to a classic mixtape. Nothing but other people beats while rapping over ’em: a trend in rap music making that’s making a comeback *cues air horns*. Instead, he was inspired by quitting his job and then being broke hence the title of the EP.

LAZ teamed up with as The Optimist and Good Greene to execute. Do yourself a favor and buy No Paperwork  here