5 Missy Verses You Shouldn’t Be Overlooking

Missy Elliot is a veteran in the game. She has worked with some of the world’s most amazing artists from Aaliyah to J. Cole. She is arguably one of the best female rappers of all time with her unique swag, incredible lyricism, and phenomenal videos. Missy has been lowkey and behind the scenes for the past couple of years with the exception of her latest release, but she has guest appeared on some of your fav artists’ songs. If you haven’t heard her spit on these songs it’s time you do.

5.) Strive - A$AP Ferg feat. Missy Elliot

One of my favorite songs from Always Strive and Prosper, this lighthearted testament to what has made these two great puts some pep in your step and motivation in your soul. Missy speaks of her fly aunty she used to emulate as a kid and how that helped inspire her to be great.

4.) Without Me - Fantasia feat. Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliot

“Faking shit gone kill you; boy I know the real you.” Sometimes you just have to set a fuck boy or fuck girl straight and this anthem will help you do so. With three great artists speaking of lame ass exes, Missy, of course, raps about how she’s too fly for anyone’s bullshit.

3.) Glow Up - Mary J. Blige feat. Missy Elliot, Quavo, and DJ Khaled

From Mary’s latest release, this is another I don’t need you anthem. Missy starts off the song setting the precedent for Mary and Quavo rapping over a delightful DJ Khaled beat.

2.) Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid) - Fall Out Boy feat. Missy Elliot

For the release of 2016’s all female cast Ghostbusters, Fall Out Boy redid the classic “Ghostbusters” song and added their own twist and Missy Elliot. Per usual she gives her unique style, playful lyricism, and freaky cadences.

1.) I’m Better Remix - Missy Elliot featuring Eve, Lil Kim, and Trina

Missy brings together rap queens of her generation together for a remix of her latest release “I’, Better”. Everything Missy does signify royalty and hearing her and other great female emcees from the 90s and 2000s should make every person happy.