AO X SDCC SuperHeroSneakPeeks!

Long have I been fan and followed the grand, marvelous, and extraordinary event known as the San Diego Comic Con or SDCC for short. Long before I visited my first comic book convention, this was an event that had the nations nerd populace bubbling. This was THEE event. Many networks, studios, and actors showcased the new and returning of our favorite series and movies and even more people came dressed as our favorite characters and creatures from the diverse universe of nerdom. While I’m sure we all have our favorite moments, this year what captured most, including me, was the slew of trailers that Marvel and DC let us fan boys munch on and dissect. These are the BEST trailers ComicCon had to offer from the most anticipated titles Marvel & DC, respectively, have been working on in the eyes of me.


MAN-O-MAN. I wanted to keep these short and sweet BUT ITS FUCKIN LUKE CAGE. Powerman himself is returning to Netflix after being featured and thee amazing psychological detective action series, Jessica Jones. I watched this trailer with my eyes gleaming with pride as Luke mobs through the projects with a car door, eating bullets, and fuckin shit up. Trying his best to clean up Hells Kitchen. But with most of Marvels Netflix series, expect layers upon layers of really deep and dark content probably centered around the indestructible man himself. If the direction of the previous Marvel Netlfix titles are any indication, expect this series to be gritty as it is action packed. It drops September 30, 2016 on Netflix, of course.

The next trailer I seen featured the Amazonian Goddess herself, Dub W, or commonly referred to as, Wonder Woman. DC premiered the trailer which featured all the glory you’d expect from the kick ass warrior herself. You see briefly see her beginnings and get an overall feel for the era and set of the film. You’ll see her in action with her shield sword and whip. The approach they’re taking with her combat shots are consistent with how nasty she was in BvS. This is probably one of my more anticipated releases seeing as Gal Gadot has shown to be the perfect Wonder Woman. From her stunning beauty to her ability to deliver Amazonian hands. Wonder Woman releases June 2, 2017.

This was one that came from left field and shocked a TON of folks. DC knocked our fuckin socks off and released a FULL trailer for the JUSTICE LEAGUE!! We got to see Batfleck recruiting the various members briefly in the trailer with more attention being shown to Flash & Aquaman. Supes was missing from the trailer but we got a full look at Cyborg pre and post transformation. We also got first full look at Ezra Miller’s as the speedster Flash and needless to say, he fits the bill to a T. Releasing in 2017 this fasho will be a must see. Continue Reading