I Literally Cannot: Unfair treatment amongst our children

I literally cannot with America anymore. Sometimes I wonder if this is all a big joke and if I’ll turn on the news and an anchor will announce that it’s all been an elaborate hoax. Donald Trump isn’t really running for President and Ben Carson is also a character actor in his spare time. Our joke of a political system isn’t what did it for me though. What did it for me was watching a grown man grab a young high school girl by her neck, drag her out of her desk and slam her on the ground. 1367508746785.cached

Let’s be clear, if someone is in high school they are still a child. And it wasn’t just a guy; it was a trained police officer. No she wasn’t brandishing weapon, she wasn’t attacking anyone either. She was guilty of having her phone out in class. According to other classmates she only had it out for a hot second. Not that it matters, I’m not sure when it became illegal to have your phone out, let alone it be an invitation to assault in such a way.  In any case, the teacher asked her to leave and when she said no the teacher called in the police. The officer asked her to come with him and she still refused and so, without hesitation, he grabs her drags her around in her desk before picking her up and choke slamming her on the floor. He broke her arm by the way. Not that anyone cares. All anyone seems to care about is that she didn’t listen to her authority figures. GASP! What?! A teenager thumbing their nose at authority?! I’ve never heard such a thing! Turns out this young girl lost her mother and grandmother recently and has been in foster care ever since and was new to the school in the first place. Clearly she has some issues going on but I think even if she didn’t she still deserves our sympathy. Why do we need a tragic back story to feel bad for her? Or to be outraged by what happened in that classroom? And, beyond that, why is it so easy for people to blame her and make excuses for an adult and an officer who should know better? Victim blaming is disturbing but it is especially disgusting when the victim is a child. First off, there are a myriad of ways that teacher could have handled that situation besides calling in an officer. The fact that he sat there and let that happen bothers me. Like, a lot.

If you were walking down the street or shopping wherever and saw a grown man, or woman, handling a child in that manner I highly doubt too many of us would wonder what the child did. We would probably step in and stop them or at the very least call the police. This is ironic to say considering an officer is the person abusing the child in this situation. Oh, and it is child abuse. You know, because she’s a child. No parent alive could get away with that, and I totally think her race is relevant but that’s only because I think people had such a hard time getting past her race they actually forgot that this is a child we’re talking about here. Continue Reading