Big Sean caters to gamers with Jump Out The Window video

For a few months now Big Sean and his creative crew delivered vibrant eye-catching visuals for singles from his I Decided Album that dropped back in February. They've found a way to feed our imaginative spirit and create it's own dimensions with every video thus far. The Sean-don started May off with releasing two videos back to back. One for The Light and the other, Jump Out The Window, which aired last night shortly after the 2017 MTV Music Awards where he also performed the song. After something so heartfelt and unfortunately relatable (I cried watching The Light, no lie), Jump out the Window reminds most of us of classic NSE gaming. Sort of "lightened the mood" if you will, with one of the most iconic games of them all, Super Mario! One of our beloved love stories between Mario & Peach (*Luigi & Peach for the game conspiracy theorist) is being channeled in this video and I'm here for it! Enjoy!

Dej Loaf Back Up ft. Big Sean official video

Two of Detroit’s heavy hitters came together in their city to shoot Dej Loaf’s Back Up from her summer EP And See That’s the Thing With 2015 being an awesome year for her career she continues to put on and highlight the goods of Detroit. This video embodies what fun in Detroit was, and still may be for many of its residents. “Skate” parties in particular were a big deal and it wasn’t a party until someone challenge another to a jitting/hip rolling contest.

Artist from the city always find a way to keep the culture alive regardless of where they go. And for the audience who’s here watching, it’s appreciated. Check it out below!


Aye. Sean back. And the nigga SNAPPING. As a fan of Big and Hov above all, I appreciate the unique flow that can be brought to a track. With that being said, Sean has emerged as one of the illest with it. In his new single Blessings, featuring Drake with a remix spot by Ye, the hometown native delivers heat while weaving in, around, and on top of the beat. I know quite a few who don’t approve of the flow Sean has been developing for a couple of years, introduced on earlier tracks like Drakes All Me Record, but fuck them.

Sean has thrived with his detail for the balance of flow and content to keep him entertaining and also amongst the elite in this new youth rap shit. Drake came on and did what Drake does, bringing himself in Drake-esque then giving us stunt Drake. The Drake that reminds us how he pushed himself in the game and why he remains at the top of it. And to top it off comes the almighty Yeezus who did just enough to remind us that he’s not above letting his protege, Sean, take center stage while closing the song with the energy and style Kanye usually delivers. The track is off Sean’s junior album Dark Sky Paradise and with the first single IDFWU doing so well, this is looking to be a killa’ folks. Peep it HERE – Mars


Got rich like a BITCH, I’ma do it again

Earlly Mac released a new single entitled Do It Again which features Big Sean and is from his EP “God Knows”. Due to be out January 27th. Because of all the excitement he will be having a free release party with special guest Chuck Inglish. Makes you wonder about what else this EP has to offer. Details are below.

Peace, Imani