Head upwards, towards the sky

Positive energy. The thing that everyone preaches about, but finds it hard to stand upright at the pulpit once negative energy comes roaring through rose-colored doors. In 2017, we’re at an all-time high with the negative forces that are permeating our daily activities. Every facet of life, from politics to entertainment has some form of negativity attached to it like a newborn baby to a pacifier. A theory states that there must be positive and negative energy to balance out various aspects of life. But if balance means outing various countries and leaders on Twitter (45), or attaching our attention to harmful news-stories and video clips, then when and where does the positivity come into play?

Everything can’t always be sunshine and blue skies, but if society is creating its own conundrum of negative energy, then we must offset that energy and utilize that Cardi B exuberance that’s in ALL of us.



Louis Picasso Presents “The GOLD Experience” Listening Party

Artists love to use their imagination and let their minds run free at the expense of their fans.  And to his fans delight, Louis Picasso happens to work in this particular head-space. In the heart of Ypsilanti at Friends Closet, Picasso hosted a listening party for his new project “Gold.” Gold is the long-awaited project that Picasso has promoted on social media for months. Artwork from local talent hung on the walls, merchandise was sold, and the event was being catered by Ypsilanti’s own, Tot’s Spot. Picasso is known for his high-energy and business acumen but just for tonight, the artist let his dreads down and celebrated with friends, family, and his lovely muse CJ Rene. In the midst of the event, Picasso premiered a one-minute snippet of his new video for the single “GOLD” and played the entire project throughout the night.

GOLD will be released on April 1, 2017.



Watch A 23 Year Old Erykah Badu Perform A Poetic Version Of “On & On”

There’s a first time for everything. Your first kiss, Your first time driving, and that first crush whom you have no clue about their whereabouts anymore.  Even though we look at celebrities as higher than art thou, they had to start from scratch just like the rest of us and learn how to fly onward.

Donning a lime green headwrap, all yellow attire and super-thick eyebrows, a young Erykah Badu can be seen performing a rough version of her 1997 smash, “On and On,” from her debut album, “Baduizm.” The album spawned other classic hits such as, “Other-side of The Game” and “Next Lifetime”. Baduizm also has two decades of music history this year. Congrats to Ms. Badu.



Barack Obama Mash-Up Video | Kendrick Lamar “Alright”

I know, I know. The sting of Barack Obama’s departure from The White House hasn’t eased up yet, and that’s okay. We as people have been through the unimaginable, and this Trump presidency should serve as a wake-up call. As a people, we must fight, and voice our opinions. One man can’t stop an entire show, no matter how much money and influence he may have. But for now, to ease your anxiety, check out this hilarious mash-up video of Barack Obama rapping Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright.”


Parents Are the Biggest Dream-Killers

Everyone has a dream. The question is will you pursue yours against all odds?

When I talk to full-time college students, they tend to talk about how much time they have left in school, their over-stacked plate full of obligations and responsibilities,  also, how they’re tired of school. On average, a college university has a student body of over 20,000 to 30,000 people. Half of those student’s commute, while the other half stay on campus and brave the elements in between walking all throughout campus to get food, pay off financial bills, and most importantly go to class. But in talking to these students, some who are close friends, there is one intrinsic that message shakes the core of almost every young person that I’ve encountered. A message that is disheartening, but still so true. As one of my good friends would put it, “Parents Kill More Dreams Than Anything Known to Man.”

That’s right. Parents.  The very two people who are responsible for your inception. The two people who are supposed to be your biggest cheerleaders and supporters. All parents aren’t dream-killers though. Some are nurturing and very supportive of the efforts that their son or daughter displays through their work. But in the fields that I’m involved in which are; Journalism and the Music Industry where no money is guaranteed for a long period of time, the antagonizing questions start to arise such as; “What do you really want to do with your life?” “Are you going to be able to get a job after college?” “Why are you even doing this in the first place?”.

These questions, along with the backlash that comes from actually wanting to pursue your dreams is a very daunting reality. Some people have literally given up all of their own dreams and aspirations to follow in the footsteps of their own parent’s lost dreams that were dropped off a long time ago. I spoke to a college freshman a few years ago and he told me that he would rather die being a person that took the world in his hands as opposed to dying and haven’t fulfilled the prophecies that he set for himself. So to anyone who has a parent or guardian, or possibly a teacher or a friend who is constantly telling you what you can’t do, stop talking to them and show them what you can do. You are only granted one life so live everyday as if you have nothing to lose.




James Fauntleroy | Warmest Winter II

The next time you purchase an album, (if your still into purchasing albums) look for James Fauntleroy’s name in the album credits. Beyoncé’s Albums? Yep. Brandy’s Albums? Yep. Bruno Mars Albums? Absolutely. This singer-songwriter-harmonic god has written for every single major artist of today. His raw vocals around skeleton pieces of production gives him a wicked jump-shot on the courts of music, and sound.

Even though he’s been involved in other various musical projects, his “Warmest Winter II EP” is a follow-up from 2014’s “Warmest Winter EP” which I played in constant rotation. If you’re a sucker for multi-layered harmonies and runs that make you jump out of your computer chair, I won’t lead you astray. Check out ‘Warmest Winter II’ below on Soundcloud.

Michael Jordan Wears 45 | A Short Read


By any arguable measure, Michael Jeffrey Jordan is one of (if not) the greatest basketball player who ever lived. With multiple scoring titles, 6 championships and an impeccable work-ethic, it’s the reason guys like Lebron James and Laker Legend Kobe Bryant have patterned some of their gameplay after MJ. But if I had to meet MJ, instead of asking him about a free pair of Jordan’s or an autographed jersey, I would simply ask him, “How did you maintain that competitive nature throughout your career?”

In life, there will always be an obstacle or challenge that will test your strength and willpower.  When these things occur, what do you do? When Jordan returned to the NBA, he decided he wanted a new start which made him switch his Jersey number to 45 which was his high school jersey number. During the Eastern Conference Semi-finals, Nick Anderson of The Orlando Magic said this during a post-game conference in which he stole the ball from MJ.

“Number 45 is not number 23. I couldn’t have done that to number 23.”

That statement alone prompted Jordan to change his number back to 23 and the rest is well… history. You can’t let anything in this life stop you from reaching your greatest self. You always have a choice as to whether you will fight or stand still. So put the boxing gloves on and get to work.