Re Lxuise | DM Me EP


R&B singer Re Lxuise name has been buzzing around the music scene in Atlanta over the past few years. She’s been able to work with the likes of Bryan Michael Cox and Avery Wilson all while holding her own in the realm of music. She started in front of the church which is where all the great vocalists started. Hearing etho-complements such as “You betta sang,” and “Gone girl,” are not of the unfamiliar cloth with this upcoming superstar. She was born ready for the spotlight.

DM Me is a concept EP. Smooth production, Soulful interludes, and Re Lxuise’s beautiful alto arrangements make this EP impactful, being that it’s five tracks long. Each song carries its own message leaving you wanting more. It’s full of swagger and robust with energy. Don’t sleep.

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Zip-K | Highs & Lows

I was working with my homegirl DJ Ohso in Brooklyn one morning. She was working on a set and I was writing new shit for AO. In the midst of having a productive morning and enjoying shrimp n’ grits she put me on an artist from Atlanta who goes by Zip-K. Even though I don’t totally understand the visuals, I fuck with how catchy it is. If YOU fuck with it,  Zip-K has this single up for grabs here! If you want to hear more from him stream his album 404 ERROR below!


What I love to see is women totally winning in what may seem to be dominated by men. And this list can go on and on. This post isn’t going to turn into me bashing others who are also talented but I think it’s VERY important to recognize the women who are on their shit. I’M just saying, I’m proud of the many beautiful faces who are blossoming in the music industry (and many others but this is a music post so yeah).

For a while I’ve been seeing the name OHSO, De-lah-Ohso and most importantly DJOHSO. Whaaaat, she’s a DJ? Exactly. Long story short, shortly after I’ve become a fan.IMG_0485


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