From Viral to Musical: 5 Silly Social Media Stars Making Sweet Music

Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Social networks have introduced us to some hilarious people and they have made a lot of people household names. We laugh at the things they post, but have you checked out how multi-talented some of these viral stars are? Here are 5 viral stars that make pretty good music.

  1. Tokyo Vanity

“That’s my best friend! Go best friend! You betta!”

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Women Slut Shaming in Hip Hop

Ho, hoochie, slut, groupie, bop, thot, tip drill, and so on and so forth. We hear it in almost every rap song. Women are constantly being degraded in rap music by men. Almost every rapper has ever done it in some capacity, but men are unfortunately not the only ones who participate. Women in hip-hop slut-shame their sisters as well.

Recent comments from former Ruff Ryder first lady Eve about Nicki Minaj’s Paper Magazine cover have sparked the conversation about women in hip-hop slut-shaming each other.

Eve’s opinion that “as a woman” she thinks “it’s not right” brought out a lot of her old business about her being a stripper, her racy magazine spreads, and her sexy lyrics causing more slut-shaming by Nicki stans and defenders.

The truth is, some women in hip-hop have helped perpetuate slut shaming instead of taking it as women embracing their sexuality.

Some may argue women like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Trina are hypersexualized stereotypes of the black female rapper, but others beg to differ and argue that these women have taken their sexuality and own it. Some people just exude sexiness and feel comfortable doing so.

Female rap beef has been full of slut-shaming (Foxy Brown vs Lil Kim, Cupcakke vs Kash Doll, Trina vs Jackie O, and more). Calling each other hoes and airing out dirty laundry comes with the territory of beef, but within the gritty hard lyrics lies the idea that being a sexually confident female is wrong.

Luckily female rappers are a mosaic of different kinds of women from Rapsody to JunglePussy, MC Lyte to Khia, Angel Haze to Meg the Stallion, almost every kind of woman is represented in some way, even the sexually liberated twerking hottie who likes to show some skin. There’s nothing wrong with putting the “ho” in hip-hop regardless of what anyone else, even the other women, have to say about it.

Listen to Izzy Faye and his Ugly Truth

The first time that I've heard Izzy Faye's music was at the African World Festival here in Detroit, in August. And when I tell you, this man has a shit ton of energy that quite naturally, drove me to his soundcloud.

At that point, he has a few singles out along with some features so I did some digging. Ever since then, I made my way to his release party for his debut album The Ugly Truth. I couldn't help but enjoy myself, not only because of the music but because of how interactive the experience was. Considering his youth and where music is now he's taking a different route by giving us a glimpse through the eyes of a young growing man who's riddled with trying to figure out this life shit. The album starts off with him reflecting on his ways before diving into a world of drugs, women, the hustle and hopes of pushing his music career to where it should be. A narrative that we've all heard before just not as straightforward, witty and comical. 

The Ugly Truth features some of the best in the city as far as production and collabs but that's not the sole reason why he deserves some spins. Check out Izzy's album below!

Turning the Church Up: An interview with Brittany Shontel

When you think about religion you usually don’t associate it with being "lit". Some people don’t think of it being fun at all. Brittany Shontel’s mission is to bring the fun to the word of God. A former club surfer, Doughboyz Cashout stan, and avid twerker have turned her energy into making her and others walk with Christ lit.

What is Pretty Lit Ministries?
A three-part ministry that includes tees, a podcast and outreach. It's for the people like myself, who love Kendrick, but can worship to Kirk. A ministry for those who know they need God, but don't know where to start, or they feel like they aren't in a place where God wants them the way they currently are. Pretty Lit Ministries is what I needed 5 years ago.

What were you doing before Pretty Lit?
I had a ministry called Pretty Girls Praise, from 2013-2016 - but I wanted to expand beyond women, so I changed it. Before that, I was living my life. I loved partying, going out, drinking, etc. I wasn't really involved in anything, I was just existing.

You are a huge fan of music, what artists inspire you?
Kendrick Lamar. He is my number on inspiration in music. I love how is unapologetic about who he is, and his relationship with God has always been mentioned in his music. I think that's why I love him so much. He's planting seeds in people's hearts without forcing the word on them. That matters - I pray I can get to that point, where I can truly be me while still shining God's light. I also love how private he is - sometimes I overshare, and it comes back to bite me, then I think like "dang I should've taken the Kdot approach on that and keep it to myself." Lastly, his growth was not overnight. I recently saw him at the palace, and all I was thinking was jeez - the last time I saw him was at Chene park & now He's in an arena like this. Perseverance.

I love PartyNextDoor - not only does he make amazing music for himself, but he's behind so many songs people love (Wild Thoughts, Work, Sex with Me) - and unless you look into it you would not know. You don't always have to be the face of something to shine. It motivates me to be okay with being behind the scenes.

I also love Lecrae, Cardi B, & Kirk Franklin.

How do you incorporate music with Pretty Lit?
Mostly on my podcast, Pretty Lit the Podcast. Every week we do a Righteous & Ratchet Song of the week. It's our way of introducing our listeners to new music. I believe in having a healthy balance -and I also believe God can speak in whatever way He best sees fit. The entire theme and vision for my last conference "Take Flight" was given to me while I was listening to Kanye's TLOP.

What inspired you to start a podcast?
My Executive Producer & Boss Friend, JG. He saw a need, and thought my ministry could fill it. I did not want to commit to a podcast and I told him no, several times. But eventually I saw what he saw so I said yes. I am so happy I did.

How do you hope to impact the world?
I've never thought about this. I pray my impact is positive - I want people to desire to shine brighter after meeting me. I hope to have my entire generation eager to pray, not only for themselves but for others. Most importantly, I hope my life impacts people to do what God has called them to do. I've done some things, seen somethings, & said some things - and NONE of my actions dimmed my light nor stop my purpose from being necessary for others. I want others to know - that is the same for them.

Do you receive criticism from other church people because of your high energy ministry?
Probably. Never to my face though...isn't that how it always is though? People hate that I say Righteous & Ratchet and use the word "Lit". I see the tweets and IG post. I don't care - I have to do what God tells me, and if I move in a way he hasn't instructed I have to deal with that from HIM. My ministry is for specific people, my mother has told me that since I decided to step into this - so I try to walk in that on a daily basis.

Where do you see yourself in a year?
Interesting... My first thought was engaged - but I am not ready for marriage just yet. I want to be in a position to give more - more love, more money, more of God, more experiences, etc. I see myself helping my Elise with her purpose, I see myself assisting my friend Sha'lyce in finding a building for her business idea. I see myself with the Dani, Breezy and the Peoples Choice interviewing Lecrae, and Sarah Jakes Roberts for Pretty Lit the Podcast. Prayerfully, I'll be less petty, a LITTLE less ratchet and a LOT more righteous.

Fucking Your Way To The Top: A Corrupt Hollywood

“You know she fucked so and so to get that spot.”

A rumor we have all heard, and sometimes there is truth to it. Lana Del Rey sang it best “I fucked my way to the top”. It is not unheard of for people to use what they got to get what they want. Usually, haters are the ones spreading rumors that people, especially women, are only successful because they had sex for it. Most people aren’t lying on their backs and scraping up their knees for their big break.


Sleepless nights, investing thousands of dollars, learning more, going through the mud, missing out on precious moments, and years of hard work go into these success stories we assume are easy and overnight. That does not keep predators from trying to coerce people to exchange sex for placements and things you can either pay for or get just because you’re good.

While looking for a studio to record my poetry EP, I was offered it all for free by several men in exchange for dates, foot rubs, and loads of other things aside from cash. I was faced with postponing my idea to find a space where I would work with an actual professional and feel safe, and eventually, I found one. But not everyone is so lucky. Countless men and women have washed their dreams right down the drain because they were constantly met with sexual advances and sometimes even sexual assault...

Recently, actor Terry Crews spoke out about him being sexually assaulted by a big Hollywood executive in relation to a role. These things are often swept under the rug and kept quiet.

Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, and tons of other big Hollywood actors, producers, directors, etc. have been accused of sexual assault in some capacity. Most of the victims were models, singers, and actresses hoping these men would genuinely help them further their career. Many of them say these men offered them better opportunities in exchange for sexual relations.

In an interview from 2005 singer, Courtney Love warned to never go to a hotel if Harvey Weinstein invited you.

People are dreaming of being stars, going without meals, and risking they're all for their big break and people in power (and sometimes without) are conning them into giving up their goods to make it. This is an unethical and immoral use of power and whistleblowers must continue to try and dead this clear exploitation.

Fucking your way to the top is a thing, and it's very rare that most people are paying their dues for their spot. People are working their butts off and aren’t looking for sex in exchange for a better career.

An ode to DJ Stacyé J from Lord Gulley

How do you show appreciation to someone who inspired you and/or help guide you through your journey. Someone who’ve strive to lead by example. A mentor. Well, I sat down with Lord Gulley, a producer/DJ with a keen ear for samples from hidden songs and soundtracks, as he shares his experiences with working alongside DJ Stacyé J over the years and his love for records.

DJ Stacyé J is respected amongst creatives here in Detroit and elsewhere when it comes to creating a fun, free atmosphere in which any and everyone can enjoy. For many, and I’ve witnessed this, it’s difficult to keep a crowd of people from mindlessly scrolling a redundant timeline due to boredom. I think we’ve all grown to realize that one of the most important components to an event is the person dishing out music for the audience to groove to. To honor Stacyé, Gulley put together a song and named it after her. As far as the video goes Gulley teamed up with Rowe (“Shot Me”) for the videography as well as the edits for the video.

The video, was it a video depicting the day in the life of a DJ? I ask this because of a DJ KILLA SQUID cameo.

It was on some everyday type shit. When I made the song, ion’t know, Stacyé always looked out. That’s my nigga and a lot of things wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for her. I made the beat and later asked Ashley to star in it about 4 months ago.

What are some of your relationships like with local record stores?

I have a great relationship with paramita because I used to work with Anna at Selden standard plus I go there to buy records for samples n shit . I also just linked up with Rock City records on Jefferson, on the eastside. They got some nice ass vinyls and they’re sectioned off well between genres. Hello (records) is where we shot the video. They used to be on Woodward by AYV, now they’ve moved closer Eastern Market.

When it comes to shopping for records what do you look for? Anything specific?

Sometimes I’m looking for a certain feel but most times I randomize it and allow fate to handle it. Cause when I try too hard I never seem to find anything I want. I do like to read what instruments were used for each record. However, I search specific sections like Soul and soundtracks for moves…I do a lot of those.

Soundtracks? What’s your favorite that you’ve worked with thus far?

Hmm. It’s so hard to remember what samples I’ve used until I go back and look it up in the edits. What is it called…it was the soundtrack for, Nigger Charlie. I got that from my nigga Bravo. He has a lot of records and that one stuck out to me because of the title. I was like, nigga, I gotta see what’s on this and it was so fire. I didn’t put the beat out but I did create different beats using various samples from it. I gotta watch that movie soon. I also sampled from AKIRA, it was his idea [points to videographer Joe Hendo]. I fucked with that, a bunch of times. He normally gives me helpful suggestions.

Random question. Rapping or producing? What came first, which one are you more passionate about?

Rapping came first but honestly I would say producing is my passion. I still write though. A lot of my songs got lost…wasn’t my fault [laughs]. I really fuck with producing and I like hitting up artist with ideas for them to work with.

As you can see, my interview with Lord Gulley was insightful and I hope that you all enjoy Stacyé as much as I do! Check it out below!


Watch Chuck Strangers’ official video for FRESH 

I’m sorry but if you haven’t kept up with Brooklyn's Chuck Strangers,  the go-to guy in Pro Era for production, then you're SLEEP. You may recognize Chuck from his contributions on albums such as Joey Badass’ 1999 and Summer Nights as well as Mike Jenkin’s Water. This time around he’s delivering lyricism with his first solo single and visual (that premiered on BET). Fresh, produced by the

Fresh, produced by the Alchemist, is a single that is an epitome of its own title. At first watch/listen I was hooked. Hooked on the fact his flow goes crazy AND that there are 3 Chucks participating in a dice game and pedicures.  Chuck is someone that's been on the rise since about 2012-2013 and it's still a tease. Would it be selfish of me to demand a project from him right now, with this same energy. RIGHT NOW.