Adam Reverie shines on ‘PASSION’

Adam Reverie is like a chameleon in the way he approaches his music. Being from the mighty area of Linwood, in Detroit,  he incorporates the aura of street life, but with a twist. Positive vibes are the main ingredient in his cookbook of music which boils out onto each track that he releases. This is what made me take heed to “PASSION.”

PASSION is a self-explanatory song. It’s brazen, it’s braggadocious and straightforward. On the 2:30-minute track, he doesn’t hold his tongue or his opinion on today’s version of rappers.

“I am coming, running, gunning, never fronting
You Gone Love it This I Know
Yo Favorite rapper dissed his favorite rapper
With his favorite rapper’s stolen flow”

Everyone has an answer to the solution, but very rarely do people go back and study the question. Adam Reverie does that, plus more in his “state of the union address” toward Detroit, women, old foes, and those pesky new age rappers.

Check out “PASSION”