REVIEW: Using Lola & Doe’s Activated Charcoal

Last summer I was on the search for a clay mask for sensitive skin but while browsing through Lola & Doe’s organic goods I’ve stumbled upon something that I quickly grew an interest for. Before I get into this review, Lola & Doe has been around for almost a full year dishing out homemade remedies for your mental and physical health. From body butters to scrubs, the combination of natural ingredients are both creative and it makes sweet passionate love to your skin.


From what my mother told me (and from research) activated charcoal was/is used primarily for cleansing out any toxins in your body. You might of seen them in capsule form at your local market. I would’ve never thought that it could be used for so many other things such a facial mask, make-up and what I use it for, teeth whitening. Now activated charcoal isn’t what you may think; no you cannot go to your garage and rub charcoal on your teeth and call it a day. It’s a process much more difficult to explain. Huge reason as to why I’d rather buy it.

Right before I brush my teeth I gently dip my toothbrush, topped with toothpaste, into the jar of charcoal. My first time using it I found that it can be sort of messy. Opening the jar aggressively can result in a bunch of black powder coating your sink. Luckily, its easy to clean and isn’t hard to manage. Then I brush, floss and use mouthwash just like any other brushing routine. Over time I was able to see the difference in my smile. I love taking care of my teeth so it’s a personal pleasure of mine. We (myself, family and significant other) is striving to be completely fluoride free and yet we sometimes can’t help but to unintentionally run into this familiar foe. With that being said I’m glad that I found an alternative booster. Thanks to Lola and Doe for featuring this gem on their website!


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