Rap Royalty in the Making: Meg The Stallion

She’s sexy, she’s fierce, and she’s talking her shit. A lot of female emcees have been giving us glamour, sex, punk, and other takes, but something about this lyrical lady gives me Trina “Diamond Princess” vibes. Straight out of Houston, Texas her southern drawl, and take no prisoners bars show you influences from other southern rappers like Bun B, TI, Gangsta Boo, and a little Jacki O.With lyrics like” You don’t wanna hear it cuz you only wanna see her Imma show you how a real rap bitch tee up Get up in the booth and beat the motherfucking beat up Pissin’ bitches off like a nigga left the seat u. Bitch big mad ‘cuz you can’t beat me up” you can see she goes hard. She goes viral on Twitter almost every time she drops a video clip or a freestyle and her fans love her from her lips to what comes out of them. Check out some of the music right here and become a fan

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