New Phone, Who’s this? New music from MustPayPhone

MustPayPhone - Thank Me/Old Paper

 It's been quite some time but Mikey Microphone is back-

...Oop. Excuse me, MustPayPhone is the new name and he made it his mission to dropped some new music as well. Now, just because we hear/see a new name doesn't mean the style switched up.

If anything he's just as creative and has progressed since what we've last heard him via Mess, Easter Pink and other tracks of his. As of Valentine's Day earlier this week, MustPayPhone released the album, Be Blessed, as a gift to the fans anticipating his comeback. From that album, Mikey teamed up with videographer Joe Hendo to piece together a visual for tracks Thank Me and Old money. Something cold and vibrant for your eyes and ear to enjoy!

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