Two days ago Nancy Grace decided to take yet another shot at marijuana usage and invited rapper 2 Chainz to join the debate. Little did she know Tauheed Epps (which is 2 Chainz real name) brought his A game along with facts and owned the debate #TRUU. The full interview is below and from my point of view what is being shown below is obviously opinion vs. fact.

I think what’s crazy about debates such as this is that someone is always playing the blame game and brings in the tender “what if it was your child” argument. Even with the legendary Bill O’ Rielly vs. Cam’ron & Dame Dash interview fingers were being pointed when the REAL issue is home-grown. I’m pretttttttty sure entertainers are doing what they need to do to pay their own bills instead of mentoring someone else’s child through their unsupervised television. For a LONG time my mother filtered what I could and could not watch because as a child you ARE a walking sponge. Can’t speak for everyone though…

There’s always going to be finger-pointing as long as black entertainment prospers and white america wallows in disgust. And it’s unfortunate that it boils down to race but woohoo, we’re a lot smarter than you think. Even with the whole Common performing in the White House deal. People went maaaaaaadddddd because “he supports cop killing” lmao. No, no no-no no. It’s easy to scold a race(s) when majority of people are abiding by someone else’s standards. It’s not fair and it’s not right. Thankfully folks are slowly realizing what the bigger picture is and putting shit into perspective…

As for legalizing weed…Who’s going to profit from it besides the guy that supply you with it? Not the government. Not the hospitals. Not the pharmacist. Bare with me because these are my personal thoughts. Alcohol and cigarettes are legal as fuck. Your lungs become trash, cancers develop, your liver dies and all sorts of DUI happens. Damn and hospital bills are VERY real, regardless if you live or die. Even though we have all of these commercials and campaigns that are against the two, they’re not being pulled off the shelves. Then you have weed. Something that have been proven to have 23 health benefits (read this via Business Insider), Now, if this was legal and if there is even more ways to cure with this godly plant, who’s losing out on money? You’re local fucking pharmacy who prescribes man-made medicines that keep your immune system dependent on it.  Apparently, last February the FIRST two deaths that were “tied” to weed happened somewhere in Denver last April. Peace and blessings to those who passed but I think the cause is a heap of shit.

I guess you can say I’m an advocate for marijuana because I’ve witnessed people using it to heal and to focus. Yeah, okay people smoke and become lazy but that doesn’t make up the majority.

Peace, Imani

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