“Men Are Trash” – a Rant

Three words, three syllables, and an unlimited amount of butthurt. Men. Are. Trash.

As common as it is for men to be told by other men to "man up" and/or ridiculed for being "sensitive" (the hypermasculine nigga's battle cry), it would seem the only time it's socially acceptable for men to embrace their sensitivity is when women are holding us accountable for being pieces of shit. Funny how that works.

Now, I do NOT like the phrase "men are trash." However, I understand why it is used. Much like how transgender model Munroe Bergdorf's recent statement that all white people are racist is a critique of the systems that perpetuate racism and socialize white people to be racist, as opposed to an individual, "men are trash" is not a direct attack toward any of us niggas! Instead, it's a critique of the patriarchal society we live in. It's a critique of the behaviors that those of us who benefit from this male-centric society see no problem with, even as we blame rape survivors for their own trauma and justify the murder of transwomen. Men are socialized to be sexist! If you actually listen to women when they discuss their experiences, you already know this. Unfortunately, it's far too common for men to simply dismiss and deflect, rather than understand and empathize.

prime example as to why men are trash

Despite the pressing concern that one in three women worldwide has experienced either physical or sexual violence, men cry out bullshit they don't really care about, like "what about male victims of abuse?" Well, A recent Twitter rant just goes to show that men aren't nearly as committed to showing their concern with real action as they are with trolling women about their trauma. Deflections like these are used on the daily to silence women. However, they're not reserved for women alone. Men who live and breathe toxic masculinity have a habit of dismissing other men on the subject as well. Any attempt to defend women online or champion their causes will surely be met with blatant homophobia and the accusation that you're "simping." To me, this is very telling.

There is a large group of men who genuinely believe that a man respecting women and not wanting to see them abused by other men is only doing so with an ulterior motive, or is homosexual. Men are so used to feigning respect for women in order to get some pussy that they don't even know what the genuine thing looks like and even conflate the act with some sort of homosexual display. Absolutely ridiculous, right? Yet, this same group of men gets offended when the very behavior they are so used to, the very behavior they weaponize against other men, gets exposed for being the trash it is, especially by women.

There are plenty more points to make, but the main point of this rant is that most men don't give a single fuck about the self-serving bullshit that comes out of their mouths in the pathetic attempts at defending their trash behaviors and ideologies. Niggas don't even listen to women when they to attempt to shine a light on these legitimate concerns. They just cry about how three little words hurt their feelings, while women try to cope with the fact that there is no place where they are 100% safe from violence. So, in conclusion, and since men love being trash, if you hate being called trash, the only way to end it is to STOP BEING TRASH. The correlation is so simple and yet......nvm.

If you can't stop being trash, at least take your own advice and stop being so sensitive. It's only three little words.

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