Mars Vs C2E2

C2E2. The mere whisper of the combined letters sends most nerds in a small frenzy over the anticipation of one of the biggest Cons (Short for convention) in the midwest.

Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo, or C2E2 is a 3 day weekend event that draws folks from around the world interested in an assortment of avenues all centered around comics and the culturel around it. From movies, games, graphic novels, tv shows, etc. The event allows folks to meet and greet some of their favorite writers, actors and actresses, illustrators and creators alike in a space that’s family friendly and fun for everybody. All you see that walk through the event are dressed in elaborate cosplay (costumes portraying their favorite characters & things) that ranges from simple to downright outrageous. Some of the detail put into the costumes are so amazing that you can do nothing but shake the persons hand and ask for photographs which most likely oblige. From seminars about the creation of content and writing, to one on ones with your favorite illustrators and artists, to video game competitions (Caught a second round exit in SSB4 smh) and free play littered with the most popular multiplayer titles throughout the years, this Con was an absolute treat to experience for the first time.

Thrown at the McCormic Place in downtown Chicago, the Con started in 2010 is thrown by the same forces that head the equally if not more humongous but just as amazing New York Comic Con, this event is a lifetime experience that sees some of the titans of the industry. Marvel, DC, IMAGE and more pull together in conjunction with local and lesser known companies for exclusive premiers and info on what’s next and what’s new in the comic book and entertainment world.

I personally sat live at an exclusive Marvel panel and witnessed some of the major big time writers and editors discuss the up and coming releases and news of the latest titles to be released and written and it was a pleasantly surreal experience. Hearing the work and detail put into the varies aspects of creating, editing, and releasing titles was an enlightening experience to say the least. A live sitdown discussion with legendary writers Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Millar was also a treat to watch and experience in all its wisdom and hilarity. Two titans of the industry, just chopping it up live on stage about growing in the ever changing word of comics, felt more natural than you would think. That could just be a testament to how great and genuine those guys feel. Whether it was the many writer workshops, or hands on displays for kids and the like, this Con had a sit down, panel discussion, and lives display of every facet of writing you can think of. To be able to pick the brains of pros is an invaluable experience and was well worth the sit down.

The floorshow within itself was littered with the typical con stands but on steroids! Each stand shined bright with the various writers and artist ranging from outright mega famous, to local talent, and it was nice to talk and interact with folks who put their lives into the material they were selling. Shit you could buy ranged from comics and novels, to swords and cosplay costumes and it covered every bit of entertainment you can name. Comics, Movies, TV, Sports, Art, Manga/Anime, if it had fandom and place in the nerd community. It was there! Comic books stores pulled through with their tons and tons of mercy which allowed for hours of great digging at low prices if you missed any issues of something you read or were just looking to pick up something new! If you’ve never been to a Con and have the opportunity to attend this one, its def a once in a lifetime experience and I can assure you you’ll have a complete blast. The great city of Chicago should be proud to host such a mighty event and I hope most can get to experience the awesomeness that is C2E2.

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