Jaye Prime’s #FACING: An Experience

Let's build on a series of events here...

The month of April has been SO good to Jaye Prime or, the other way around. On our beloved holiday, #420 (what did you think I was going to say?), Prime gifted us with something fitting for the festivities...and EP entitled FACING. The intro itself involves a short cover of Pimp C's most memorable phrase, "Smokin I, Pourin' up" just to hint to you how fire FACING is. I mean yeah, it's primarily an EP that features our favorite Mary into the mix of things but also hearing the vulnerability on tracks such as Luna and Recovery kept me captivated. Might I add, this is her first project that she's worked on with some help of a few trees. Meaning all of her music prior to was done while sober. Is there a difference? Yes, nonetheless it's all good music.

Along with the EP, Jaye Prime decided to show off her vocals that weekend as well as showcase the many talents of the supportive band, PPT. Who consist of a drummer (Eric Childress), a guitarist/bass player (Adam Depollo), a synth bass player (Ashton Woods) and a pianist (Ray Stanley). They're all so in tuned with one another it was beautiful and that's probably my first time indulging in some Lemon-Aid while in a church. So much energy was put into every performance. Prime even covered a few of my personal favorites such as Crush On You, Square Biz along with a few others.

If you're still reading this roll yourself a joint and throw on FACING. Feel the experience. 

Also, huge thanks to Bree (@madtuesday on Twitter) for providing photos!!Check out her portfolio

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