It is 2018…and Flint does not have clean water

The Lifetime movie has aired, the donations have slowed down, the headlines have disappeared, yet the water in Flint is still tainted with lead. People are dealing with legionnaires disease, water filters that only half work, and using bottled water for bath time. The people of Flint are tired, but what else can they do but truly wait?

On January 23, 2018, when Governor Snyder made his State of the State address he gave Flint a 45-second blurb to say they are still fighting to get the solution fixed. 4 years passed and there has been little light for the people of Flint. Denials of responsibility, broken promises, and a slow, but steady solution have been the only results.

In January of 2017, the EPA reported that the lead limit tested under the nation’s limit, but people have still reported a funny taste and smell from the water. Some don’t trust the water at all because they were told it was safe in the past, and it was in fact not safe at all.

President Obama gave Flint $5 million for relief in 2016. In March of 2017, the EPA gives the city of Flint $100 million to replace corroding pipes, and a federal judge rules a settlement for $97 million to fix pipes for 18,000 residents by 2020. The population of the city is a little over 97,000 and only a portion of citizens will be able to access clean water by 2020.

Although there have been strides in replacing the corroding pipes, giving the people of Flint water and filters, and millions in aid it has still not been enough. The damage that only took months to do will take years to fix. We are still unsure of the long-term effects the prolonged led poisoning has on the citizens of Flint. This crisis has posed the question “How could this happen in America in the 21st century?”.

There have been consequences to the clear negligence of the State of Michigan for allowing this to happen. In 2016 several state officials faced criminal charges for their role in the water crisis and Governor Snyder testified in front of the House Committee about his role, although he never faced charges. The state and the federal government has been working for resolutions to the years of damage done, but it is still unclear when Flint will finally be past the catastrophe.

In 2018 Flint is still dealing with one of the most devastating man-made crisis this nation has seen in modern history. The citizens of Flint still need the help of the rest of the world and here are a few organizations you can donate to for relief:

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