Imani’s tips on ‘Subway Etiquette’

Learning the subway system isn’t that much of a challenge if you have a sense of direction but you do need to understand subway etiquette. Subway etiquette is vital if you’re not looking for any negative confrontation with another person. I’ve watched people get threatened and heard many yell at another after getting off at their desired stop.

Who fucking knows what happened between those folks…here’s a few things I’ve observed and practice while I’m on the train.

Well, I understand that there are subways almost everywhere (not really) but out of the states I’ve visited NY’s trains are def more congested. Everyone is doing their own thing, which I love, but a lot of folks are a bit on the inconsiderate side. Or they simply don’t pay attention. So coming from someone who’s sub-conscious of how they treat others, peep this…

  • If you bump someone, say excuse me, even if they can barely hear you.
  • It’s not hard to not step on feet. So yeah, quit that shit. Fucking up my chi.
  • I don’t want your bags, jackets, groceries, whateverthefuck spilling on my lap/feet. Keep all of your belongings in your  space my friend.
  • I’m already super short so when I sit down I’m literally parallel to another person’s genitals if the subway is crowded. Like hey guy, get your balls off my forehead.
  • A very simple one here, mind your business. Stare at the floor or something

There’s also plenty of things to do on the train besides staring at people. I point that out in particular because it happens, a lot. Yes, if I notice you were staring at me then I was looking at you so we’re both being guilty of creeping on one another. The difference in being polite about it and not awkward is simply speaking up. Or even smiling. I’m only going to become annoyed and/or hostile if you can’t keep your eyes to yourself for a strange amount of time. I like to greet someone or compliment whatever if is that kept my attention. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out to strangers. Here’s a few things to keep yourself occupied…

  • Any type of reading material or brain games are a great way to entertain yourself. And a cool way to strengthen your mental!
  • MUSIC! Grab yourself some tunes whether it’s from your phone, iPod, laptop even etc.! Seems like a train ride is much easier to bear especially when there’s a ton of activities going on around you. That can vary from people dancing on subway poles, magicians, or a drunk couple serving up soft core porn in the back of the train.

I’ve seen a lot of shit. okay.

  • Regardless of how old I am I will still have at least one game on my phone. This is must especially when I’m underground and can’t diddle my way through social media.
  • Make conversation with people. It’s actually not that hard to do. New Yorkers are more friendly with open conversations. Some woman shared her memories as a teenager growing up in the Bronx. No reason to be timid.
  • This is actually something I like to do if I don’t want anyone bothering me. I day-dream. I stare out of the windows and zone the fuck out. I find myself funny so I laugh to myself, more than one should within a group of people. And there’s no shame. No embarrassment. Just myself and my thoughts.

Weird right?




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