Love on your Skin!: Tips from Imani

Where can I start? First and for most I would like to thank everyone who’ve approached me inquiring about my skin, hair and teeth. I take pride in looking bomb as fuck and I couldn’t be anymore excited than to share these tips. In which, they’re not complicated. There’s no magic involved or any secret concoction;  laser shit or cover ups.

An Ulta store opened up across from my job a few months ago and back then I was thinking to myself, “all of this make-up, so convenient, very affordable, face bouta be beat!” The excitement that stemmed from what was in front of the store distracted me from all the awesome skin products beyond that. Aside from changing my diet I’ve always been obsessed with my appearance and health.

Let’s start with our teeth shall we!

I like to brush twice a day with a flouride-free toothpaste (preferably Toms). Because I love brushing so much I often get caught in a daze and find myself dancing to the rhythms in my mouf. However, when I brush at night I like to use Activated Charcoal as a polish and whitener. It’s a bit messy but it gets the job done.

As far as my hair goes I keep maintenance super simple…

(…besides the fact that I have locs). I like to wash my hair once every blue moon (I stop keeping track, sorry?) with Taliah Waajid’s Total Body Natural Shampoo but I retwist my hair every 2 months. Sometimes if my hair is dry I use a mist that I keep in a spray bottle which has a mixture of peppermint oil and tea tree oil. It’s also a great way to heal scars or annoying boils that surface after a piercing. Moisturizing my hair is also pretty damn vital. I either use coconut oil or carrot oil. Simple shit. And I only use loc gel to twist my hair with. Water is a go to for most people but my hair is far too soft and will unravel on its own. So I have to obey its natural state and use something that’ll dry and not leave flakes or any other residue.

Lastly, my skin. Oh how I love for it to be soft and blemish-free <3

As of recent I’ve found what works with my skin. Aside from drinking water everyday I treat my skin like a delicate piece of sirloin. That’s probably the worst thing to compare my face to but I’m sure you all understand where I’m going with this. I like to swap between two different soaps for my face. Just like with brushing, I wash my face twice a day, tone in the morning and moisturize at night. Which may seem weird to most but it works well with my skin being naturally oily. So yeah, the soaps… My mother ordered both creamy clay and bee pollen soaps for our skin from a few weeks ago and I’m in LOVE. Both soaps are great for sensitive skin and doesn’t have a strong, pungent scent. It lathers up quite beautifully as well. To tone I use Shea Moisture’s Black Soap Problem Skin Toner and when I moisturize my face Formula 10.0.6 PM Moisturizer  (apparently you can only find this at Ulta) light and airy hydrating cream loves on my skin overnight. Leaving it oil-free in the morning.


I do some extra stuff too but only in moderation. For instance, every other night I fall asleep with Vitamin-E oil on my lips because big ass chapped lips aren’t cute. Also, during long-for-nothing work days I prefer to use Leaders Insolution’s Revitalizing Mask (shown above, like almost everything else). This mask plumps and soothes my skin after a day of fake smiling and salesmanship.

I hope this’ll help. Some of you asked me questions via twitter (@_AOImani), instagram and snapchat. If you’d like to share your tips and tricks comment below!! I would love to hear/see what you all use! Peace y’all!

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  1. Appreciate your generous advice,
    and tha wordplay be dope.
    I enjoy your creativity,

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