I jam’d to Bevlove’s Letters EP by the lake

Yesterday evening, a bit after having a great afternoon, I stopped by Belle Isle to relieve some stress by having a picnic by the lake. Just myself and the essentials. A blanket, some food, drank a good read and some music to accompany me. I had a few bops cued up but the mood called for something that would demand my attention. Nothing too aggressive though, more on the gentle side. Hmm, but what. Since I came up on a hard copy of Detroit Bevlove’s Letters EP earlier that day I thought to myself, “oh well then…this is perf!”.

Last week I gave Letters a listen, in full, indoors, however last night I loved how her rhythms felt amongst a cool breeze. Surrounded by dragonflies and lilypads. Just like Bev, as a performer, this EP alludes the attitude behind what it means to be sultry. Almost dreamy in a sense just like a pink sky during the sunset. Although the EP is only 6 letters long, Icepic did one hell of a job creating production that can flow into each other. From the beginning to end, end to beginning. I couldn’t help but to feel Art of Noise’ Moments in Love vibes when I first listened to Ghost. Made my night that much more enjoyable. So thank you, Bevlove.

Letters is a wonderland filled with summer romance and damnit I am here for it! Get into it!

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