From Viral to Musical: 5 Silly Social Media Stars Making Sweet Music

Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Social networks have introduced us to some hilarious people and they have made a lot of people household names. We laugh at the things they post, but have you checked out how multi-talented some of these viral stars are? Here are 5 viral stars that make pretty good music.

  1. Tokyo Vanity

“That’s my best friend! Go best friend! You betta!”

We’ve all seen this girl via Vine and Instagram, but did you know this New Orleans honey can spit? She even beefed with Young Thug and Trey Songz for allegedly stealing her “best friend” song.

  1. B Simone

She is known for her viral breakdown on what fuck boys do when your life was going just fine without them. She also stars in videos as the crazy girlfriend with another viral star, Desi Banks. Before she was seen as a rising comedic star she was into music and still spits. Don’t count her out because baby girl has bars.

  1. Summerella

The Vine star who asked her momma, “can you do a split on the dick”, and continues to give us hilarious instagram videos even after Vine’s demise. She recently made waves, and even got a repost from Cardi B for her acoustic cover for Bodak Yellow. Girl can sang!

  1. Bambii

Teenage viral superstar with over one million followers, this brave soul has documented her transition, and made us laugh all along the way. She is now dabbling in music. She has a bright future ahead of her.

  1. Wolftyla

Wolftyla had one of the biggest followings on Vine and reigns supreme on Instagram with over one million followers. She’s gone on tours, her soundcloud pops, and she’s continuing to climb the ladder of success at only 21. She serves chill vibes and delivers good music.

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