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Since forever there has been natural remedies that’s been passed down from generations to generations. There wasn’t any man-made medicines or bath goods that were being mass-produced in factories. Some of the oldest records of using the earth to heal dates back to 2600 B.C.! Simply combining plants, herbs, spices, charcoal, clay, fruits & veggies etc. did enough to cure sickness or clear unwanted body acne. Even animal bone/fat were being used to aid gut-lining. I feel like back then the connection between the earth and humans were pure and strong. Respect didn’t only exist amongst human beings; at one point every living organism held a significance. No matter how big or small. I personally think that’s why so many survived with what grew around them opposed to some of the commercial products that we so desperately depend on today…which still harms us in many ways.

As of lately (lately as in “within the past few years”) the “natural” wave hit us in ways unimaginable. Almost every household item has a “natural” alternative. Along with those labels there’s a hefty price to pay. The ugliness of consumerism rears its head and force people to make a silly and yet very real decision. “Should I buy what may seem better for my body or grab what’s easier on my pockets regardless of the health concerns that follows”.

like, why?

I’m always scouting for affordable ways to nourish my body and in this case I’ve also ran across a black owned spa line for both men and women. Lola & Doe are a couple that understands the importance of loving your body. And you can’t fulfill that without taking care of your physical self. They’ve created an all organic HOMEMADE spa line that’s friendly on everyone’s pockets.

In this interview Doe (@DoeDoobs on twitter) talks about his mission and what he wants to accomplish. Lola & Doe is one of the many ways he plans on changing the community for the better.I0V2bubg

Who is Lola & Doe and at what point did you both decide to create organic spa products?

Lola & Doe (my beautiful girlfriend and I) are two happy people who woke up and learned that your skin is your body’s largest organ and the things we rub into/onto it affects your quality of life in ways that most people don’t realize. Lola started doing her homework to make sure we were serving the people the right type of ingredients and its been taking off ever since!

Any bad experiences with commercial products?

Yes, indeed! Plenty! The DEGREE deodorant I used to use everyday caused me to have a big lump under my arm. A lot of these commercial soap brands like Dove and Dial have also broken my skin out.

Are your products made from scratch? Along with the love that’s put in it what the greatest aspect of using Lola & Doe products?

“Most of all the personal care products we offer are hand crafted here at Lola & Doe. We mix, jar, and bottle all of the ingredients in our kitchen. I think the greatest aspect of using our products is how it makes you feel when you use it. Our bodies are no more removed from nature than a live tree is from the ground it’s rooted in. Humans ARE nature, so when you apply some Body Butter or soak in our Herbal Bath Soak you will feel that oneness with nature every time. That’s what separates us from the commercial brands. Another great reason is because we have Fair Trade gifts from Africa and South America where the money we send them goes to empower the women who create them. You can feel good about your purchases here because you’re actually helping a woman get medicine or employment.”

What’s your favorite product/what would you recommend?

My favorite products are the Hemp Butter, the Activated Charcoal, the Beard Butter and my NEW favorite is the Raw Black Soap Bars. I use those four on a daily basis. I honestly recommend everything. I know that sounds like the default answer, but I truly want people to experience all that we have to offer them.


As far as the Clean Up The City (CUTC) movement, how did that start?

“CUTC started with me looking at the “hood” I live in everyday and being tired of living in filth, to be frank. I always wanted to do something, but I since I felt I was powerless I didn’t move. Until one day recently where I helped a church organization clean an empty lot and turn it into a garden. There was only seven of us and we made that lot shine! I figure, if we could get that accomplished with just seven willing people, imagine if we had two-dozen people, or 50, or 100! So I started going around causally bringing it up in conversation and was pleasantly surprised to see that a lot of the people I spoke to felt the same way as me. That pushed me to make it official and start putting things in motion.”

Do you see progression with pollution in your city (prior to your CUTC movement) or the opposite?

“We haven’t actually started just yet. We are still in the recruiting stage, but we do have our first Meet Up to Clean Up on the 21st from 9:30AM – 1:00pm on Broad St. & Erie Ave (Philly Chapter). As far as projections though, I think this will be the movement to remove the majority of the pollution we see in our neighborhoods because it’s ran by people in our generation who actually care. Not a bunch of people who want to be seen and tell people what to do and take photos. This movement is 100% participation of the community and that’s the reason why this standard will stick. Think about when you would spend all day cleaning the house and when someone came in started to dirty it back up your first reaction is to be like, “NAH! I DIDN’T SPEND ALL DAY CLEANING SO YOU CAN COME MESS IT BACK UP!”. That’s what will happen. People, specifically the youth, will not go unchecked for throwing the wrapper on the ground instead of the trash or recycling bin. Take pride in being clean, youngin”


What is your goal with both Lola & Doe and CUTC?

My goal is to change as many lives that I can with both Lola & Doe and CUTC. To have people live a more natural life where they communicate with the earth beneath their feet and embrace the breath they breathe. To have people unplug from what they were brainwashed into believing their entire life and become critical thinking individuals who live in love, unity and respect. This is just beginning and I’m excited that even in these stages it’s being recognized for what it is and what it will be.

Is there anything else that you would want to expose to your surroundings?

“Yes, I’m working on buying farmland so I can start providing fresh organic produce for the communities that wouldn’t normally have any place to buy them from. What I want people to understand is that our diets are killing us more than anything else and it’s extremely important to start taking control of the things you put IN your body as well as what you put on it. I know my tweets can come off like I’m judging people, but trust and believe I have a LONG way to go, but we all have to start somewhere. I’m not saying become a vegan tomorrow, but definitely put yourself in a position where you ween yourself off the unhealthy stuff and start eating some more fruits, veggies, nuts, grains and herbs so before you know it it’s already apart of your daily routine. Like I said before, its nature, and nothing will go better with nature than…wait for it…that’s right…Nature”

If you’re interested in cleaning up YOUR community check out CUTC Detroit, CUTC Philly, CUTC New York and CUTC Miami. Also, if you’re looking forward to purchasing some fantastic goods for your body I urge you to visit Lola & Doe’s Shop (<–here). There’s a bit of everything for everyone in the family, including babies!!



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